Bodybuilding and Hair Loss: Fact and Fiction


There have been many opinionated studies that show the link between excessive bodybuilding and hair loss. They claim working on your body reduces your hair volume. After a lot of research the facts and fiction havebeen discovered. Here are the truths and myths regarding bodybuilding and hair loss:
Causes of Hair Lossin Bodybuilders:
The primary cause of hair loss is high levels of DHT. DHT isthe byproduct of testosterone. The more testosterone you have the higher yourlevels of DHT. In bodybuilders most try to increase testosterone by takingsupplements and injections. With the increase of testosterone the DHTlevels increase and cause thinning hair and balding.
Those who are only taking supplements are not particularlyat risk. The increase of DHT from the increase of testosterone is not highenough in levels to cause balding. However, those who are going to lose theirhair genetically may find that they are losing it quicker because of the increases.So even if you gain the muscle mass you want, you may lose the hair that youlove.
Many theories have circulated through the gym masses statingthat bodybuilding alone causes baldness. This is not true. Just working outnaturally with no supplements, steroids or injections will not cause baldness.These stories for the most part were created by bodybuilders that were juicingand didn’t want anyone to know.
How to Slow Balding:
If you are noticing your hair thinning but don’t want togive up your supplemental diet, there are a few things you can do to slow thethinning. By adding to your diet and following a few changes in your daily lifeyou can continue to build muscle without sacrificing your hair. Here are a fewways to slow your hair loss:
Proper Hair Care:
So many times we fail to properly maintain our hair afterall, we are men. Properly caring for your hair will keep it on your head. Tryusing hair care products that have fewer chemicals. Excessive washing withharsh chemicals will remove the natural oils on your hair and cause damage.Don’t roughly comb or brush your hair, as it can also damage your strands andfollicles.
Just as your body needs a healthy diet to grow, so does yourhair. You are probably already on a high protein supplement so be careful notto overdue it. Your hair needs protein to grow but high levels can damage yourhair. Vitamins, minerals, and good fats are also important for hair growth. Besure you are giving your body and hair all the nutrients needed to keep themhealthy.
Avoid Testosterone:
This may seem to be a contradiction to your goals but highlevels of testosterone will cause your hair to fall out. Using supplementswon’t cause too much damage as your muscles will use most of the extratestosterone, however injections and steroids will harm your hair, not tomention your health. If the more popular side effects of steroids isn’t enoughto keep you away from them then perhaps hair loss will. Do your body and hair afavor and don’t use.
Avoid Stress:
Working out is a great stress reliever and less stress meansmore hair. If you find your stress levels high, take some time to relax. Stresscauses hair loss however, if you reduce stress you can reverse that loss.Meditation and relaxing is key to stress reduction.
Whether you want to believe that bodybuilding causes hairloss, or you want to believe there are outside factors, there are ways ofreducing damage. You can have the best of both worlds by working out your bodyand keeping your head full of hair. Keep your body in shape and avoid anyharmful decisions that will affect your health and hair.

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