12 Symptoms of Overtraining

I’ve seen people get so motivated to succeed that they start doing a little too much and ultimately hurt their gains. For instance, I have a couple of buddies that brought their calories so low, their bodies didn’t have the nutrients needed to fuel their workouts which resulted in their metabolism shutting down in order to conserve energy.

Another example of overtraining is when a couple of buddies and I got so motivated to work out a few years back and got such a high when we were doing it, that we’d often forget to rest. The guys I was training with didn’t take days off very often. We’d rarely if ever take a week off. Month after month we’d be pushing our bodies to the limit.

We found the limit (physically mind you. There are no limits mentally).

I’ve put together a list of some tell tale signs of overtraining. Don’t freak out if you have one sign because that doesn’t mean that you have a problem. But to keep it real, if you notice several of these signs or if other people start taking note of them- there’s a good chance you’re overtraining.

Here are The 12 Common Signs of Overtraining…

1. Loss of strength. You’re not lifting as much as you did a few weeks ago. You feel weak, like you need to lower your weights.

2. Feeling tired and/or fatigued. You might feel exhausted, not just in the gym, but all the time.

3. Getting injured. You find yourself getting injured more often. For example, your rotator cuff is constantly sore.

4. Getting sick more often. Suddenly you find your immunity is down because you’re getting colds and the flu all the time.

5. Getting headaches. Could be migraines, could be tension headaches. Either way, you notice that you’re getting them more often.

6. Heart rate is elevated during rest. You’re just relaxing at home, watching TV, and notice that your heart is beating fast even though you’re not doing anything.

7. Slow recovery. Your muscles seem to stay sore for several days after a workout. You don’t feel like you can hit the same muscle twice in one week.

8. Changes in appetite. Generally, you’ll tend to lose your appetite, though i’ve seen some people start gorging themselves.

9. Changes in sleep patterns. You can’t sleep, but again, I’ve seen some people including myself end up sleeping more than usual, damn near not being able to get up at all.

10. Feeling irritable or on edge. You feel “crabby.” You may even feel depressed and super indecisive.

11. Feeling unmotivated. You simply don’t feel like going to the gym or eating clean. You might not even be motivated to do other things you enjoy, like stepping out with friends.

12. Feel like you can’t take a break or relax. You feel jittery and on edge, like you need to be doing something non-stop.

So what should you do if you notice these signs? That’s what you’ll find out in my next article on Game Strength Insider. See you soon!

David McCready

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