13 Simplest tips to build muscles

You are going to a gym few times a week. You structured your training program and you really keep it. You might even read magazines and internet articles to know more and be updated. But you still might not know some important things about strength and muscle building.

Look at these tips to build muscles and use them for your workout program.

1) Most people need to exercise not more than 4 times per week.

2) If you are not satisfied with your weight, lose fat and keep exercising.

3) Don’t focus on training some parts of body, train the entire body.

4) Always try to be better and don’t stop in the middle of the muscle building way.

5) Compound exercises are better than isolation exercises.

6) The best workout program is the one, which always keeps you motivated.

7) It doesn’t matter how often you eat – twice or 4 times per day. It’s also individual how much you should eat. Just listen to your body and keep limits.

8) Don’t change workouts too often. Your muscles are getting used to the training program.

9) Don’t stop exercising, when you are not satisfied with one of your regular training. You will not always see the progress, but don’t stop on your way and keep exercising.

10) Try reasonable exercises by yourself. Don’t follow advices of other lifters. Everybody has his own training system, which works only for him.

11) Train for achieved your aims and having a result, but not for pain. Don’t exhaust yourself by very hard workouts. The quality is more important.

12) Be consistent and don’t miss workouts.

13) Enjoy your exercises.


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