13 Ways To Treat White Jagged Cracks

1.Islands: useful because it contains the essential vitamin for the skin.

2.Creams that come in fitted salts and dead sea minerals (in Jordan).

3. Creams that enters in the composition alglisirin.

4. Honey with yogurt.

5. Castor oil.

6. Rose water or oil resource extracted from plants.

7. Brewer and meat and peas and spinach and walnuts and bananas and avocados and broccoli and soy are also useful to contain vitamin B6 is necessary for skin.

8. Sports.

9. Making this mix: One third of the amount of Glycerin with a third of the amount of lemon with one third of the amount of Cologne.
And the massage is done on premises by cracked mix.

10. Use emollient moisturizers and skin after a shower

11. Avoiding frequent bathing.

12. Olive oil is the best treatment for fissures and jagged white

13. India coconut

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