15 tips to grow muscles

If you are looking to burn calories and grow muscle mass, learn how to do it with the following tips.


1.Be motivated. Set goals and track your progress. Take pictures of your body once a month and you will see the result by your eyes.


2.Be realistic. Don’t have too many expectations. Building muscles is a long, difficult way, which you can pass, if you don’t stop and keep working on yourself.


3.Keep healthy lifestyle. If you are going to smoke a packet of cigarettes after every your training, it’s not going to work.

4.Keep a good, balanced diet.  Don’t starve yourself. You need enough nutrition for muscle growth. If you don’t eat, you will burn not your fat, but your muscles.


5.If you don’t want all your muscles to get bigger, just work out on the group of muscle needed.


6.To have good muscles, you have to get stronger. Improve your strength. The stronger you are, the stronger you look.


7.If you are a beginner, don’t go crazy and don’t start training like an advanced lifter. Come on, you are not in hurry. Make it step by step.


8.Don’t complain like a little girl. If you want to get a great body, you have to exercise a lot. You will feel a lot of pain; you will face ups and downs. But nobody said it will be easy. Just don’t stop on your way and continue training, no matter what.


9.Always warm up before a compound exercise.  It will not only get you into the right frame of mood, it will also help to prevent injuries.


10.Add some cardio to your workouts. Three times a week will do their work and you will burn some fat.


11.Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover and repair your muscles.


12.Always try to improve. If you did 6 reps for an exercise last week, try 7 this week.


13.Don’t try to make your workout easier. It will not work like this. Embrace the most challenging exercises and enjoy your muscle growth.


14.Don’t forget that muscle building takes years, nor months or weeks.


15.Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet. Even this article. Research and try things for yourself!

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