19 Tips To Boost Your Muscle Mass Gain

Muscle mass is the basic requirement of every bodybuilder. Shape, definition, symmetry all hold their value but nothing is as important as muscle mass. Muscle mass is what separates a good physique from an average Joe. Steroids come with a lot of side effects, so avoid them, rather subject yourself to use discipline and a strong workout routine to build up muscle mass.

Three factors that play crucial role in increasing muscle mass are:

  • Correct Diet Strategy
  • Heavy workout routine
  • Body Supplements

Remember the key to building up muscle mass is providing more nitrogen to your muscles through proteins and excreting thru natural metabolic process. Besides you will have to subject yourself to a lot of hard working hours in gym and follow a routine dedicatedly.

Here are some of the important tips that can really help you boost your muscle mass gain.

1.Eat More Meat For More Muscle Mass


Once again protein should form the core of your diet: the more, the better. Lean red meat contains the right amount of nutrients to boost your muscle growth. The right amount of protein in your diet supplemented with a rigorous workout will boost your muscle mass effectively.

2.Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises promote growth of every muscle in your body. They help you gain total body mass by increasing the size of more muscle fibers in your body. Compound exercises provide your muscles more space for separation and size increase.

3.Don’t Count On Aerobics

Aerobics deteriorates strength gain and recovery process by consuming up glycogen and branched chain amino acids. As such aerobics have a negative effect on your efforts towards building up body mass.

4.Make Fish A Ingredient Of Your Diet

Why is eating fish so important for gaining muscles. Fish like Salmon are a rich source of Omega Fatty Acids that make muscles more sensitive to insulin. This makes your it easier for amino acids to enter into your muscles. They also increase glycogen and glutamin storage.

5.Find Your Favorite Exercise

Experiment with exercises that you do and find out those that are most effective in gaining muscle mass for you. Try out different exercises at different times. Remember that sooner or later your body reaches a saturation point with every exercise and it is necessary to break and find a new exercise at that point.

6.Prefer Free Weights Over Machines

Rely more on free weights to increase muscle mass. Use dumbbells more often if you are serious about gaining mass. They make your ancillary muscles work and build compound mass. The more movement you can introduce the more number of muscles you will be training, hence better would be the results.

7.Plan Your Workout Routine Carefully

Time and again look at your body, and analyze to determine the muscle groups that need more workout. Set out a routine accordingly before you go to gym next week. Focus more on those muscles that are less developed over the well developed parts of your body. These muscles will help you gain mass faster.

8.Perform Optimum Number Of Sets

Look for a range of 12 – 16 sets, for every muscle group. Remember each set should be completed till exhaustion to gain the most benefit out of the workout. Try to train one muscle group a day or a maximum of two muscle groups a day depending on your routine. Similarly try to optimize your reps to maximum. You should try to hit them to the limit where your muscles can’t move a inch more of the weight.

9.Focussing On Negative Phase Of Lift

Logically muscles build up during the phase of contraction. However during the negative phase of lift, when the muscles are stretched out to lengthen, maintaining the stress can actually boost your muscle gain. It’s an easy technique to stress your muscles and gain muscle mass radically.

10.Increase Your Weights Dramatically

The force a muscle can generate is directly proportional to the amount of muscles you’ll be able to grow. The simplest idea to increase the force generated my muscles is to increase the weights dramatically in successive lifts. This will help your generate more muscular force hence producing more muscle growth.

11.Increase Muscular Force

Compound Exercises promote growth of every muscle in your body. They help you gain total body mass by increasing the size of more muscle fibers in your body. Compound exercises provide your muscles more space for separation and size increase.

12.Try Powerlifting Techniques

Powerlifting techniques rely on low reps – two to four per set. This technique adds to strength with some variance in sizes. The higher range of six to twelve reps is the more common range that promotes both strength and size. Trying out the powerlifting technique for a week in between can actually dramatically increase your muscle stength.

13.Give Your Two Hundred Percent

This means that occasionally push yourself by increasing one or two reps. Or gradually increase the weight till you find that you cannot add any more weight. The idea is to test your strength and push beyond it

14.Optimum Number Of Exercises

There is no such optimum number of exercises. The general recommendation is for four to five sets of different exercises for each body part you are working out. However, this figure will depend on how much can you push yourself.

15.Jump Your Calorie Input For Short Period

The rational behind dramatically increasing your calorie input for a short period e.g. 3 days is to increase muscle growth by providing added carbs, proteins and fats, hence increasing your muscle sensitivity to insulin and promoting storage of glycogen. By limiting the number of days to this increase calorie input you will not give time for fat to kick in.

16.Optimum Number Of Meals

Eating four to six meals a day ensures that you are providing a consistent supply of nutrients to your body and increasing the rate of absorption for those nutrients by your body. Try out a protein drink in middle of night to further boost this.

17.Myth About Sodium

Sodium causes water retention, which is an anathema to contesting body builders, hence the bad repuation that it carries. However if you are not going in for contest then remember that sodium increases the absorption of amino acids as well as increases carbohydates storage, hence is essential to muscle growth.

18.Rest & Have A Sound Sleep

Don’t keep on training your muscles. Muscles need time to recuperate and grow. Take a week off after eight weeks of exercises and don’t work out more than five days a week. Your muscles grow while you rest, so have proper rest for proper muscle growth.

19.Supplements With Right Ingredients

When buying a supplement look for three essential ingredients
Gluatamin – associated with insulin release.
Branched Chain Amino Acids – Fuel source if you are low on glycogen
Creatine – enhances strength and adenosine triphosphate.



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