Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Lateral Raise

Keep shoulders squeezed and flexed when doing bodybuilding lateral raises. See the different ways to perform lateral raises with tips from a nationally competitive bodybuilder in this free weight lifting video. Expert: Brad Aubry Bio: Brad Aubry is CEO of VersaFit, as well as a national natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and a nutrition and fitness therapy specialist through International Sports Science Association. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz»

Bodybuilding Exercises – Sharpen Your Shoulders!

Shaping your shoulders and giving your upper body that subtle award winning detail takes more than just a pair of cannon ball delts. It takes a precise and comprehensive shoulder routine, one that stimulates the anterior, medial and posterior delts. This video demonstrates a great shoulder burn that can be included into your present routine that will help finish your shoulders off to perfection.  »

Blasting Your Back! part 2

Width, thickness, shape and detail all come to those who train there back with the attention to detail it demands. There are so many different muscles that make a well developed back it goes without saying there are just as many exercises that need to be performed to create the finished look you desire. This video brings up some of the most important details while showing you some basic exercises and overlooked fine points.»
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