IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson training

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson does part of a circuit training routine for biceps and triceps May 14 in Texas. Johnnie plans to compete in a powerlifting contest in June and a pro bodybuilding event in August.»

Add 1 Inch To Your Arms In 3 Workouts

Every man desires bigger arms! There is no bodypart that says “big & powerful” as clearly & obviously as a huge pair of python arms. I get a ton of e-mail from guys keen to maximize their arm training. I have created optimized routines for lots of but in case you need a ‘quick & dirty’ method that delivers high intensity overload & results that you have never experienced before… here it is.»

High Intensity Training For Better Results, Less Injuries

High intensity training for superior resultsRecently one of the largest guys in the gym told me I can, as a weight lifter, expect to be hurt about 60% of the time.What?! No thank you. As somebody who is had three athletic-related surgeries on three different body parts, I have been seeking a technique & approach to weight training allowing me to gain muscle & speed – while remaining injury free.I found it in high intensity (HIT) training.»

What Can You Do to Shape Your Chest?

If you are losing weight, you might notice that your chest might not look the way that you would like it to as you get thinner. You might even be thinner naturally and not like the shape of your chest since it lacks the muscle and muscle tone that would be hoping for. In either scenario, there’s things that you can do that will help you shape your chest in to a better form.»
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