Is it Necessary to Load and Cycle Creatine?

Loading & running creatine seems to get debated far & wide online. Use any search engine & you’ll basically find dozens of forum posts arguing both sides. So who is right & who is wrong?
The logic behind loading & running creatine is that taking creatine consistently for long will cause the receptors in your muscle cells to take in creatine less effectively. Regrettably, when this happens, the earlier gains achieved tend to slowly disappear before finally dying off.
As there is no conclusive proof that it is necessary to load & cycle creatine, the choice is entirely up to you.
There’s thousands of creatine users who swear by running so since this option also happens to be the choice where you’ll finish up using the least amount of creatine, it is probably a nice option for those who need to maximize their creatine supplementation.
So what exactly is this creatine running technique?
There’s six phases in running creatine. Well, actually six phases in the event you come to give it some thought since not taking any creatine at all counts for one phase.
The first phase involves the loading of creatine & this is the phase where creatine users with sensitive stomachs tend to experience upset stomachs & feelings of bloatedness. This is the phase where you cram the most amount of creatine in your muscles & usually lasts for one to six weeks
After this phase comes maintenance, where you drop off your creatine dosage by about half. Most users tend to cycle the maintenance phase longer, for about six to six weeks depending on the individual.
The last phase is the ‘do nothing’ phase & this goes on for another six to six weeks. Some people say that it is best not to take creatine consistently for long due to the tax it places on your kidneys & liver. This phase helps to take a number of the creatine load off your kidneys & liver as well.

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