The 3 Biggest Lies of Building Muscle Mass Fast

I decided to pen this article as a quick of responding to the 3 main mistakes I most often see people making when they’re trying to build muscle mass fast. Just before I get into the specifics, it’s important to realize that, due to the nature of article writing, these are just the main three points I am able to cover here.
There are plenty more mistrustful and bad advice flying around the Amateur Bodybuilding community.

So, for those of you who have been purely focused on building muscle mass fast but seeing results s-l-o-w-l-y then this is for you!
The 3 Big Lies Of Mass Building Revealed
Eating Too Much Protein
No, that is not a misprint!
Just as it is essential to consume enough Protein to supply the body with the important components it needs to be able to build muscle. Too much of a good thing will sabotage your results.
I very rarely meet any aspiring Bodybuilders who fail to eat enough Protein, but I talk to people nearly everyday who are definitely overdoing it.
When I quiz them about why they are consuming so much of the stuff, the most common answer is ‘The Body will get rid of what it doesn’t use.’
My answer to that statement is ‘Yes, to an extent, but when Mass building, large amounts of Protein that are not being used for Muscle building will be stored away as Fat.’
You Should Consume 1.5g protein per pound of Bodyweight
Don’t fall into the ‘more is better’ mentality like 90% of the uninformed masses.
Fat is Not Your Mortal Enemy
BAD Fat is.
Look, the bottom line is ‘You Do Need Fat.’
You just have to be careful to eat the RIGHT kinds that will benefit you.
Non Saturated and Poly-Unsaturated Fats are actually good for you, playing a vital role maintaining healthy Brain, Eye and Lung functions amongst other things.
Hardgainers and younger Bodybuilders require a tremendous amount of Calories in which to supply the body with enough surplus ‘fuel’ it needs to build muscle. Most people underestimate the amount of Calories that they need to consume in order to do this. It differs from person to person, but a fat free Diet is actually slowing your gains down.
Just make sure that the Fats you consume are healthy Fats and you will be pleasantly surprised in your overall mass building progress.
The Misconception That Mass Building Means Going Wild
In a utopian existence, Mass building cycles would be a free ticket to gorging ourselves silly on all manner of delicious foods any time of the day or night.
Back to reality – and the obvious truth that this is simply not an option for the serious Bodybuilder.
I previously mentioned the importance of consuming more calories than usual in order to enable muscle growth. The real trick is to eat big, but to eat clean quality food in many small portions throughout the day.
Whilst a little Fat gain is acceptable, indeed inevitable when Mass Building, you need to be monitoring your Bodyfat and Visceral (internal) Fat levels periodically.
What I recommend is to get Tanita tested every 3-4 weeks in order to keep a keen eye on your exact levels of Muscle density and overall Fat levels.
Most Gyms and even many Pharmacy’s can do this for you for a nominal fee.

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