Gaining Weight With Protein Powder

Those who wish to gain weight aren’t usually talking about gaining it through eating lots of fatty foods and under exercising in order to increase the size of their stomach.

People looking to gain weight instead of lose it are most likely intending to gain extra muscle and therefore strength, or just a physique that may be considered attractive to the opposite sex. Basically this type of weight comes about through weight training, and a common term for people who engage in this activity is “bodybuilders”.
Bodybuilders, if serious about body building will regularly train with weights and eat certain foods that aid in the process. These foods will be high in protein. When muscles grow through training it is because they are effectively ripped, or “torn”, and then they are repaired by the body. Once a muscle is repaired, it is larger (temporarily at least) than it was before the damage.
Protein helps muscle tissue to repair and therefore speeds up the recovery process, allowing further training sooner. This is why people who weight train will consume extra protein, often before and after a training session. While many foods are high in protein it can be difficult to keep up a regime of eating those foods at the levels required by some bodybuilders.
Protein powder products provide bodybuilders with an alternative to such a strict and possibly unpleasant diet. Protein powders can be put into capsules and swallowed, mixed into nutrition bars and eaten, or mixed with milk or water to make a protein shake.
The most common of these protein powders are Whey Protein. Whey protein contains high levels of amino acids which are actually what aid the recovery process of the muscles. This type of protein is also absorbed into the system very fast therefore taking effect on the body more quickly.
There are many suppliers of protein powder both on and off-line, and the products vary in brand, volumes, and prices. Some products will contain more protein than others and some contain other ingredients which are also good for the body.
To summarize, protein powders are worthy of consideration for those who wish to gain weight by weight training.


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