In Six Workouts Build Your Arm Muscles

Do your Arms tear you shirt every time you move because they are so sizable? Do otherwise sensible ladies start to get all swoony when you walk past? Do relatives & friends avoid shaking your hand for fear that your going to crush them? In case you answered NO, to any of those five questions then you obviously haven’t been working hard .

Actually. Let me re-phrase that:
You haven’t been working ‘smart’ . Opposite to popular opinion, it is not performing thousands of Bicep Curls that will build you Arms that others only dream of. This article will explode the myths & share with you the actual way to Build Up Arm Muscles.
Focus On Forearms
One of the unrecognised heroes of overall strength is the forearm. Without strong forearms you grip will be weaker than Mr Burns out of the Simpsons, & before you know it, you will be fatigued & unable to adequately finish your set.
The Forearms play a major part in plenty of exercises, around Pulling movements when working Back. Make definite that you invest time to build up forearm strength or they will become the weak link in your mass building chain. Also, a great set of well developed forearms adds the final touch to a great pair of arms, giving that actual ‘Pro Bodybuilder’ look.
Cheats Seldom Prosper
There is a time & place for SLIGHTLY swinging your back to force that final Barbell Curl up towards your Chest, but seriously: The way most people swing the weights around, they are training lower back over any arm muscle. And, this is one of the definite fire ways to injure yourself quickly, & ought to be avoided at all times. Much better in lieu to ask a friendly Gym user to spot you & slightly help push tht bar towards you at the ‘sticking point’ of your final few reps.
Employ 21’s
When the workout is done – that is when it is only beginning. By using this as a finishing exercise, you will notice this is where the actual growth happens as you push the muscle to absolute fatigue. In case you are not familiar with what 21’s are it is a simple process but a brutally effective one.
Grab a medium weight Barbell, Dumbbells or Cables & rep from the bottom part of the movement to half way up – 7 times. Then from the top part of the movement to half way down 7 times. Finish with 7 full repetitions & watch those Biceps pump like you have seldom before experienced!
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