Injuries Prevention Guide For Bodybuilders

  Aching joints. Sore muscles. Stiff back. These are some of the plenty of complaints most bodybuilders complain of. Injuries are a common issue with any type of athlete but is highly prevalent in the bodybuilding community due to the physical & psychological stress placed on the body. Injuries may cause you to lose the gains you have made, cause you to miss workouts, lead to poor sleeping habits, & even finish a promising career.»

The Symptoms of Overtraining

Everytime you over train or even when you are on the verge of overtraining, there’s some indicative signs that ought to prompt you to initiate corrective actions immediately. Whenever any of the following signs is seen, sit back and evaluate your training. You don’t need to over train.In lieu of building new muscle, training taken to the extreme, may cause losses in both muscle size and strength due to catabolic metabolism.»

How To Deadlift: Proper Form & Technique Guide

Having a powerful back will get you a greater amount of bodybuilding titles than any other muscle group. Take a glance at the names of former Mr. Olympia champions. Dorian Yates used his unusually massive & thick back to beat out bodybuilders who had much better chest & arms. Ronnie Coleman also found this handy. They had a wider back than somebody else, & they used his back to out shine the other competitors & win the Mr.»

IFBB pro bodybuilder Michael Kefalianos trains arms at the gym

IFBB pro bodybuilder Michael Kefalianos trains arms several hours after placing fourth in the open pro class at the 2010 IFBB Europa Orlando Supershow in Orlando, FL.»

In Six Workouts Build Your Arm Muscles

Do your Arms tear you shirt every time you move because they are so sizable? Do otherwise sensible ladies start to get all swoony when you walk past? Do relatives & friends avoid shaking your hand for fear that your going to crush them? In case you answered NO, to any of those five questions then you obviously haven’t been working hard . Actually. Let me re-phrase that: You haven’t been working ‘smart’ .»

10 Awesome Weight Training Tips

10 tips. Is that enough? I consider the topic of weight training and doing it properly and I think of volumes of material, but I will do my best to condense what I consider the most important things into one article. Here goes. 1. Have A Plan. ¬†Why do most people fail? They do not set goals and write out detailed designs on how they will attain the goals that they set for themselves.»

Tone Your Butt and Thigh Muscles

Long ago, in the work of the reign of cavemen, when there were no automobiles and machines, no one had to tone any of their muscles. But at present, with most of us seeking a white collar job and driving a cab, it is indeed necessary that they must spend some time doing it. Well, that is not so hard either. Here is an article for you on how to do it effectively and effectively.»
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