Peak Bicep Training – The Hidden Secret to Super Impressive Arms

When you’re looking to carve out the most incredible Arms possible, developing Peak Bicep muscles is one of the most striking body parts of overall muscular development that you can make. It’s freaky as hell, and is a true attention grabber whether in Bodybuilding competition or simply when going about your day to day.
Making a Bicep peak like the Rocky Mountains is tough going. The bad news; is that for the super freaky look a la Arnie, you need to be lucky with your genetics. The good news though is that by following my workout tips I have gathered here from some of the top Bodybuilders today, you can start to make quite incredible gains in Peak Bicep size and development.
Firstly, a critical evaluation of your own ‘muscle inserts’ is required. Here’s how to do it:
Place one hand on a wall directly in front of you with your arm completely straight.
Next, turn to one side as if you were doing a Chest stretch. Here, your Bicep will be tensed and if you have an reasonable amount of lean muscle mass you will be able to distinguish a clear separation between the inner and outer Bicep heads that attach directly under your front Deltoids. In order to gain that super impressive Peak Bicep we will be concentrating on stimulating the Outer Bicep head with the following super effective exercises:
Exercise 1: Dumbbell Hammer Curls
The important technique to follow with this exercise is to grip the Dumbbells with your palms facing and inwards towards each other whilst being sure to hold your elbows in close to your sides.
Start with a light warm up set and then perform the following at a weight that is as heavy as you can go.
10,8,6 x heaviest weight possible
Exercise 2: Ez Bar Curls
This is a super exercise to build Peak Bicep mass and definition. To get the most out of this one, concentrate on squeezing at the top of the movement to really feel that muscle contracting.
The two key points to follow are standing with your back supported against a wall – to prevent bad form and ‘swinging’ plus remembering to use an extremely close grip. You will notice that due to the unfamiliar close grip you will be unable to lift a very heavy weight. That’s fine! The exercise will greatly stimulate your Biceps in ways that you have never felt before. The Peak Bicep has no other option but to grow!
12,10,8 x heaviest weight possible
Exercise 3: One-Arm Cable Curls
It’s really important to finish with this exercise when the muscle is already fatigued. Cable Curls should be executed with lightweight and perfect form. Squeeze every single rep whilst at the top of the movement for a mind-blowing pump and a super way of delivering nutrient filled blood to the entire muscle group.
Again, form is more important than poundage, as what you are doing is building a Peak rather than mass here.
20,15,10 x medium weight (Repeat for each Arm)
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