Tone Your Butt and Thigh Muscles

Long ago, in the work of the reign of cavemen, when there were no automobiles and machines, no one had to tone any of their muscles. But at present, with most of us seeking a white collar job and driving a cab, it is indeed necessary that they must spend some time doing it. Well, that is not so hard either. Here is an article for you on how to do it effectively and effectively.

Brisk jogging for thirty minutes every day is indeed the simplest and best way to get your thighs and butt toned. But when you don’t have a lot time and you don’t need to go out in the open, then there’s better options for you.


Squats are probably the best way to tone your butt. Stand along with your feet apart and pretend to sit and then get up again. You can use a stool at first to know how much to bend your knees, but not sit on it. Stand up before you could sit. Do it for about ten times a set and for about ten reps a day. With a slight modification in your stance while doing a squat, you can exercise your thighs. keep your legs as close as feasible and repeat the posture to tone your thighs.

Another simple exercise is to do about three reps of ten lunges. Stand straight and put one leg forward. Bend both the knees together such that they are at right angles to each other but not touch the ground. Stand up straight again. Now put the other leg forward and do the same. This is one effective exercise that can tone both your butt and thighs effectively simultaneously.
For better results, you must cut down on your intake of fat, sugars and starches and take in lots of protein in lieu. All the best!

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