Back Attack! – Exercises For Your Back

A lot of people compliment me on my back development and the most frequent question I am asked is how I train it. There is no secret it comes down to consistency and with enough hard work and time you will have a superior back. Based on all the questions I receive, I decided to write and article about how I train it. Basic Compound Movements First of all I am a true believer in compound movements such as deadlifts, chin ups and variety of rows.»

Ab Grinder Workout

Have you ever wanted abs that turn heads everywhere? Well, want no longer because they can be yours with some intense training, proper nutrition, and somecardio. First off, some people just have good abs because genetics does play a role in it. The good news however is that the muscles are there on every person. It just may be a bit more difficult to bring them out for some. If you truly want your abs to shine, then try this routine and be patient.»

A Warrior’s Shoulders Workout Program

The Warrior awakens before the sun rises. To the Warrior, there’s only one goal in life: To be stronger than the previous day. This means he must battle complacency and inner weakness. The Warrior must first win the struggle taking place within himself. The, he must overcome every external adversity that is presented before him. All of these adversities become battles within the larger war. To win this war, the Warrior must reach deep down inside himself and find out what he’s truly made of.»
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