Ab Grinder Workout

Have you ever wanted abs that turn heads everywhere? Well, want no longer because they can be yours with some intense training, proper nutrition, and somecardio. First off, some people just have good abs because genetics does play a role in it.

Ab Grinder Workout!

The good news however is that the muscles are there on every person. It just may be a bit more difficult to bring them out for some. If you truly want your abs to shine, then try this routine and be patient. This is the same ab routine which I have used in the past to help tone my midsection.

  • Decline Leg Lifts: 3 x 20 reps
  • Decline Crunches: 3 x 20 reps
  • Cable Rope Crunches: 3 x 20 reps
  • Oblique Crunches: 3 x 20 per side


That’s it. Nice and simple. This shouldn’t take you but about 15 minutes to do. If it does, then you need to cut your rest time down drastically. The idea is to get a good burn in the abs. Make each rep deliberate at a steady pace. Don’t just go through the motions like most people do.


Lee Haney once said in his video that “one rep equals two reps.” I am a firm believer in both the concentric and the eccentric part of an exercise. Try it and see how you feel the next day. Also make sure to stretch your abs just like you do any other muscle group. Combine this simple routine with a sound diet and some cardio and you will be on your way to awesome abs. 

If you are obese and wish to have visible abs, I would highly recommend that you strip off a majority of the fat by changing your diet and doing a ton of cardio first before trying any serious ab program. What good is a crunch if you really can’t crunch? Take it one step at a time and be PATIENT. Remember that a truly magnificent physique can be yours with hard work and dedication. Go for it!

By: Phano Paul Som

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