Bodybuilding 10 Keys to bench press more weight

1. Desire. If you do not want it bad enough, it will never happen.

2. Consistency. You can not keep skipping workouts or just going where they please.

Bench Press More Weight

3. Confidence. You have to believe you can do it or you never will. You have to accept in your own mind that you are capable of great things. If you don’t believe it yourself your mind and body won’t allow it to happen.

Mike Wolfe Is A Huge Bencher
Mike Wolfe Is A Huge Bencher4. Stay Positive. Don’t look at things in a negative light, always think positive.

5. Family. Thank Family for motivating you and giving you the ability to play.

6. Partners. Training partners, not life partners. Ofcourse a supportive spouse is also very important, because you’re going to need to put in some serious hours. Surround yourself with people who are stronger than you are and learn from them and support each other.

7. Do heavy triples once a week for 5 sets.

8. Do three heavy weeks than take a deload week where you do light work or speed work. Tips 7 & 8 were taught to me at Tampa Barbell.

9. Don’t just bench….do your assistance exercises, train all body parts. Top neglected body parts include rear deltoids and lats.

10. Never give up. Failing is part of improving. It’s a learning process. Keep your head up, don’t get down on yourself for making a mistake. Mistakes are needed to make progress.

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