Expert Tips For Success in Teen Bodybuilding !

Getting started into teen bodybuilding at a young age is one of the best things you could do. Read on to see the five expert tips you must start off right!
5 Expert Tips For Teen Bodybuilding Success! 
Getting started into teen bodybuilding at a young age is one of the best things you could do. When done properly, teen bodybuilding is going to really help set you up for top development later on in your twenties and help maintain overall good health.

You do must take caution in how you go about your program however to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for harm, which is where the following tips come in. By making sure you follow them you can rest assured that youre putting your best foot forward when it comes to seeing lasting results you can be proud of.
1. Stick To Compound Exercises

    The very first rule that you should be following is making sure that you do devote a good quantity of time in your workouts to the compound exercises such as bench press, squats, rows, deadlifts, as well as shoulder presses.

    Right now as your body is really growing and getting ready for your prime muscle building years between 18-25 years of age, you want to build that solid foundation to work off of.

    If youre too wrapped up with performing isolation lifts, youre not really working all that lots of muscles in the body, severely hindering the progress you could be making right now.

Right Now As Your Body Is Really Growing And Getting Ready For Your Prime Muscle Building Years Between 18-25 Years Of Age, You Want To Build That Solid Foundation To Work Off Of
    Isolation lifts can have their place in a workout program both for teens and more importantly later on when youre searching to refine the muscle you already have built, but for right now they should not be the focus. 
2. Watch The Overall Volume Loading Week To Week
    The second important tip to keep in mind is that you should be sure to view how much volume youre doing on a week to week basis. One mistake some teens make is doing far too much volume with their workout program, making it very difficult to recover.

    While younger individuals do typically have far superior recovery rates than those who are into their 40s and 50s, during the earlier teen years because so lots of other growth processes are happening, this can eat at the total muscle building recovery you have.

    Additionally, since weight lifting is going to be a relatively new stressor on the body and you need time to adapt to handling this, that further indicates that you would benefit from a slightly lower overall volume with your workout program.

One Mistake Some Teens Make Is Doing Far Too Much Volume With Their Workout Program, Making It Very Difficult To Recover
    If you focus on keeping the total number of reps per exercise around 25 and keep it at 4-6 exercises per workout, you should be right around where you want to be. Obviously there’s some variation from person to person here, but that is a good general guideline to start off with and then you can adjust the program based on how youre feeling.  
3. Be Mindful Of Nutrition 
    Third, never overlook the importance of nutrition  when getting started with teen bodybuilding. What you put into your body on an everyday basis is going to play a very key role in the results you see, so if youre not being careful here, you could not only reduce your results, but also impact natural growth processes in a negative way.

    Youve likely heard someone say before that weight lifting can stunt growth and there’s some truth to this fact, but its very dependent on nutrition. Since calories are essential for average growth processes during your teen years, if you have too high of a daily expenditure in comparison to what you consume due to the additional weight lifting activity in there, then that mismatch in energy intake is what could result in smaller growth taking place.

    To help prevent this and ensure that youre not seeing negative side effects come about because of your training, make sure that youre taking in more than enough of calories. Most teens who are building muscle should be taking in between 18 and 20 calories per pound of body weight and in some cases, more than this. 

4. Don’t Neglect Cardio Workouts
One large mistake that some teens make is thinking that they can get away without doing cardio training or believing that cardio training will only hinder them with building muscle.
    There is some truth to the fact that too much cardio will certainly limit the quantity of progress you make, however some cardio should always be included for health promotion. Many teens are already active in whatever sports they participate in so it never is a concern, but if youre a teen who does no outside exercise apart from your workout program, it will be a smart move to include 2-3, 20-30 minute moderate paced cardio sessions in there as well.

    It can be as simple as a brisk walk or riding a bicycle; as lengthy as it gets your heart rate up, that is the main thing that you need to be concerned about. This will help not only keep your heart healthy but will also keep you in better physical shape and prevent development of a weight problem that plagues so lots of younger adults today. 

5. Include Stretching In Your Program

    Finally, the final bodybuilding workout tip that the large majority of teens don’t pay attention to but should is to include stretching at the end of your program. Far too lots of dont realize the benefits of stretching and since it doesnt do much to help with overall fat loss or muscle building, figure they can leave it out.

    Be sure not to make this critical error. Right now when youre young its the best time to improve flexibility because if you dont, its only going to be that much harder to gain flexibility as you get older.

    Additionally, stretching helps to ensure that youre fully capable of moving through the entire range of motion of all the exercises you complete, which is very important to receive full benefits.

    Stretching will only take five to ten minutes a day, but when done regularly, will really add up to high long-term benefits in the lengthy run. 

So if you’re a teen who’s getting started into bodybuilding, be sure that you don’t miss any of these important points. Neglecting to take them into account will result in less than optimal results and could actually pose some serious long-term consequences.

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