Great Shoulder Workout

By request, I have endeavored to write a complete & concise news story on training shoulders. While you do not see lots of shoulder training in my current BC articles, that is because as I noted in them they train shoulders a lot in weightlifting class, along with biceps, so I needn’t. However, before then I did train shoulders a bit, &; I can tell you that the time I saw my shoulders swell THE most was in the coursework of weightlifting class while I was in wrestling &; even more afterwards when I didn’t must worry about weight &; diet. In weightlifting class they only did one exercise that made my shoulders sore, then hang tidy &; the power tidy &; jerk. These are not only great for the shoulders, they are taxing on the whole body, much like squats, &; can give a great workout in 3 sets of 8-12 reps. But, though I had great success with them, I knew skinny guys who is shoulders didn’t get much bigger, though they worked hard on cleans &; jerks. I spotted that was because I could naturally handle much more weight on the movement &; put more stress on my shoulders. This is as well as a reason I bench a lot, strong shoulders. So, I have pulled together my own knowledge &; the feedback of the remainder of you shoulder handicapped people, along with books &; articles, to try to help everyone with their shoulder development. off, what do you train shoulders with? If their a weakness, they ought to be given as much individual attention as feasible, but they should not be first in the week because you need them for everything else. Could you split the shoulders up? possibly. You might train side &; rear delts after back, since they are already warm &; pumped from rowing movements, &; train front delts after chest. This would let you concentrate on that one area, without neglecting other body parts. In case you trained the whole shoulder in one day, after chest or back, the last part of the shoulder might be neglected because, well, it is last &; you never have the focus or drive on the last exercises(s). When I am out of school weightlifting, that is what I will try. Still further, you could do as I used to &; relegate shoulders to Friday, after everything else, &; do a total shoulder process. In case you still have the motivation by Friday to train a lagging body part harder than your other body parts, you can go for it. Otherwise I recommend splitting it up. As bodybuilders, I recognize it is hard to incorporate the tidy &; jerk, so I am not going to write on it, it is chiefly for powerlifters/olympic lifters anyway.
Ok, for a total shoulder workout, &; if your front delts don’t get very sore or fatigued from doing chest, &; in case you cannot appear to get lots of intensity going on your shoulders because you cannot use much weight (which is the description most of you gave me who needed advice) then I recommend supersets of the deltoid heads to accumulate lots of blood &; lactic acid in to the area. I also recommend staying in the 8-12 rep range, for the same reason. Here’s what a nice process looks like:
Dumbbell Front Press for 3 sets of 8-12 supersetted with Crooked lateral raises for 3 sets of 8-12. Don’t take over a minute of rest between superset or you defeat the purpose. &; only take a minute in case you need it. After this you have your choice between dumbbell shrugs (I have heard are the best trap exercise there is, but I don’t have personal experience), upright rows (work traps along with the remainder of the shoulder) or barbell shrugs. One of the supersetted with lateral raises for 3 sets of 8-12, failure on each set, ought to have your shoulders hurtin’. Finally, finish ’em off with Arnold Presses for 3 sets of 8-12. This is a lot of volume, &; is intense, so if your going to do it all without delay in one workout be sure it is on a day when you’ll feel like it. I prefer dumbbell presses though I experimented with barbell press some &; liked it. Dumbbell press gives you more range of motion &; brings in more stabilizers, while also being simpler on my back.
Now, in case you want to split the shoulders up, it is a lot simpler to work part of the shoulder intensely in two sessions than the whole shoulder. I recommend, on back day, either before or after back you do this:
Crooked lateral raises: Run the rack from the heaviest you can do for three down 4 times. So in case you start at 20s you’d do something like
20sx6 drop to 15sx7 drop to 10sx10 drop to 5sx12
That is an example. Your weights &; reps may be higher or lower. After you do these you can move on to regular lateral raises, in the same manner, but after you run the rack wait 3 minutes &; do a finishing set at the middle weight you did when you ran the rack. So, I start out at 30s, &; go down to 15s, I do the 25s when I feel strong or 20s otherwise or when I want to do high reps &; hurt. After this I don’t recommend trying upright rows for the traps because your shoulders will be fatigued &; will likely give out before your traps do. Dumbbell or barbell shrugs to finish for 3 sets of 8 to 12 is nice. Then, on chest day, front dumbbell presses for 3 sets & Arnold Presses for two sets is all you need. The front delts should not be stressed as much since their stronger on most people, &; get worked more. Also, the side &; rear delts are harder to target &; bring in to proportion, so you need more intensity-increasing techniques.
The proper execution of a dumbbell press: hold a dumbbell to either side, palms facing forward, the dumbbells touching your front delt. Press them straight over your head not from the elbow but from the shoulder, minimize triceps involvement. At the top pause but do not lock out, basically pause a moment &; bring them back down under control, touch your front delts, &; back up again.
The proper execution of an Arnold Press: hold a dumbbell to either side along with your palms facing you, in a smooth motion press the weights overhead while rotating your wrists so your palms are faced outward. Similar to dumbbell press but activates the shoulder in a different way, incorporating the side delts over the regular db press.
The proper execution of a lateral raise: take a dumbbell in each hand, probably around half your dumbbell press weight, &; let them touch together in front of you. Lift the weights to either side &; turn your wrists “as if pouring water out of a pitcher” in Arnold’s words so that the back of the dumbbell is higher than the front. Cease at a point slightly higher than your shoulders. Do not rock &; do not swing, keep the weight always under control.
The proper execution of a crooked lateral raise: stand with a dumbbell in each hand &; bend forward about 45 degrees, or a tiny more, the further you bend over the more rear delt involvement. Let the dumbbells hang in front of you, palms facing each other. Lift the weights to either side, turning your wrists as in a lateral raise so that your thumb is a tiny lower than your index finger.
The proper execution of a barbell shrug: self explanatory, grasp the barbell &;, without jerking, bring your traps in to your ears, hold &; squeeze, &; control it down. The dumbbell shrug is similar but with dumbbells.
The proper execution of an upright row: grasp the bar in a medium narrow grip, which is a tiny closer in than where your hands naturally fall, let it hang in front of you &; pull it to the underside of your chin, &; controlling it down again.
In all exercises there is a measure of cheating. If there was absolutely no cheating, you would not be pushing yourself to your max. A tiny movement of the body is an allowable &; usually beneficial thing at the finish of a set when your trying to fry the muscle. So stay ideal as long as feasible, but when your pushing yourself sometimes you need to cheat a tiny to add that additional stress. 

That is shoulder training, &; when I get outta weightlifting I will be doing something similar to this. I am happy to document my arms have grown very an inch since I started my BC journal, my chest an inch, my legs 2 inches, my bench 15 lbs., &; my squat about 45 lbs. I have also gained about 15 lbs. of bodyweight, which is a bit over I planned on gaining. I am going to start altering my diet a tiny, not a lot junk food. Anyway, hope you guys got a lot outta this news story!

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