When To Take Whey Protein For The Best Results

What Are The Best Times To Take Whey Protein To Pack On The Muscle?

When it comes to taking whey protein, it makes sense to try & consume the whey protein supplement for the best results. If an aspiring weight trainer is beginning out & looking to supplement their diet with a protein supplement, it can be very confusing as to when to take whey protein for best the results.
Let me give you a personal example. When I first started weight training, way back in ’86, my first protein supplement was Beverly International’s protein powder. Of coursework, this protein supplement was not a whey based product but an affordable variation of soy protein mixed with milk proteins.
I will be the first to say that these early protein powders mixed like cement & tasted slightly better. Anyways, I had no clue when to take this protein supplement. I fundamentally took this protein powder once every two days. This was a complete waste of funds with no benefit whatsoever.
To start with, my protein intake was very inconsistent which is not conducive to building muscle at all.
Secondly, every two days was not to affect my protein intake at all.
How was I supposed to know when to take a protein supplement? There was absolutely no information – No forums, no blogs, no Yahoo answers, no information sites (such as building muscle101..hehe), no web, no nothing. In the event you were an aspiring weight trainer back in the mid ’80’s, there was not a whole lot of information to be found, not to mention use.
Anyways, now I do know.
Whey protein is a brilliant supplement since it contains some great muscle building properties that has one important element that most other protein sources don’t have.
That is it is digestibility rate. Whey protein isolate for example (the purest type of whey protein), is one of the quickest acting protein sources today.
Once ingested, whey protein isolate can be in your technique soon thereafter.
As well as being one of the quickest acting proteins, whey protein isolate is rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine, & valine).
These amino acids are very important since they help prevent muscle protein breakdown in the coursework of exercise & appear to preserve muscle stores of glycogen. In other words, whey protein isolate contains the muscle building properties that most weight trainers are looking for. This is very important to understand.
So, let’s get back to the query: when to take whey protein?
Alright, so now you know that whey protein is 1) basically & effectively digested, & 2) high in muscle building branched chain amino acids. All they must know now, is when to take whey protein for the best results.
I have done some research & done lots of personal experiments to see what works best. I have come to the conclusion that there’s 3 windows of opportunity to put the power of whey protein to it is best use. Here is what I think are the best times to take whey protein:
o As soon as you wake up;
o 40 minutes prior to working out;
o Immediately after working out.
Let’s take a closer look at each point for the best times to take whey protein.
1) As Soon As You Wake Up
“Get Your Body Prepared For Growth!”
On wakening, your body is much in a starvation mode. Whether you recognize it or not, your body is craving for nutrients & needs these nutrients in order to kick start it is internal mechanisms to start building & working. Your body is weak & wishes protein. The earlier you can get some protein in to your body, the better.
Personally, I have found that a whey protein isolate drink mixed with some yogurt & orange juice works best. This is one of the more important times of when to take whey protein.
Now this is very important & one that can boost your weight training results, OVERNIGHT! About 45 minutes after you have consumed your whey protein shake, you must have a full, muscle building breakfast. By doing this, you are jump beginning your bodies ability to make use of the protein effectively & effectively. Think me, in the event you can follow this one small tip, you will soon see your results skyrocket.
2) 40 Minutes Prior To Working Out
“Supercharge Your Workouts!”
In the event you have some intense workouts, your going to stock up on some speedy acting, high quality proteins. Whey protein contains high levels of branched amino acids which help preserve muscle stores of glycogen. This is very, very important. Since glucose is the bodies number one energy source, high muscle stores of glucose make definite high, intense workouts.
I would recommend you ingest a whey protein isolate drink mixed with some carbohydrates to supercharge your workouts.
3) Immediately After Working Out
“The REAL Secret To Building Large Muscles!
In terms of when to take whey protein, this is the most important time to take in a speedy acting protein drink. In the event you were to only have one protein drink per day, this is the time of day to take it. I’ll very honest here, by basically taking a protein/carb drink right after after your workouts, you will improve your results immediately.
I strongly recommend that after your workouts, you ingest a speedy acting protein source such as whey protein isolate & some speedy acting carbohydrates.
Why carbohydrates & protein? When carbohydrates is taken with protein, there is a blast of insulin. Insulin kicks the body’s glycogen making machine in to high gear. Glycogen is thought about the principal storage type of glucose & is found chiefly in liver & muscle. Glucose supplies the bodies active tissues with energy.
Therefore, insulin will speed up the movement of glucose & amino acids in to cells which is what you definitely require & secondly, it activates a special enzyme which is essential for glycogen synthesis.
Additional research has shown that ingesting a protein/carbohydrate supplement after exercise triggers the release of growth hormone. Great news for building muscle.
In the event you require to build muscle, always consume a power drink that is rich in whey protein & carbohydrates after your workout & include it in your weight training diet.
Try using the following drink for your post workout meal.
½ cup low overweight yogurt
1 scoop(2oz) vanilla whey protein powder- 30 grams protein
1 tbsp honey
1 ½ cup low overweight or 1% milk
1 cup orange juice
5 grams creatine monohydrate
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Includes: 590 calories, 45 grams of protein, 93 grams of carbohydrates, & 6 grams of overweight.
Keep in mind to adjust the ingredients to match that of your own nutritional needs. Now, like your breakfast, you will need to follow this up with a full muscle building meal about 1 hour later. I am very serious here, because if there is one element that will put you on the track to speedy muscle growth, this is it. Have the above noted drink immediately after your workout, no later than 30 minutes & you MUST follow this up with a full muscle building meal 1 hour later.
There you have it. In the event you can manage to follow the above noted schedule, I am 100% positive that your gains will improve very immediately.

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