Building a Giant, Thick, and Defined Back!

The back is divided into five muscle groups.

This editorial is dedicated to back training, since that is a weak part for plenty of people  because they don’t put  hard work into it. Probably because they are to busy staring at the front of their body in the mirror. But the truth is your back is  important in developing a balanced physique, and is the most noticeable muscle from behind.

Spinal erectors – The muscles in the lower back that guard the nerve channels and help keep the backbone erect. they are also the slowest muscle to recover from heavy exercise.

Latissimus dorsi (lats) – These are gigantic triangular muscle that extend from under the shoulders down to the small of the back, and they are also the largest muscles of the upper body.

Below you will find specific exercises to perform in case you find you find you have a weakness to any part of your back or there’s a definite part you wish to add more size to.

Lat width: Wide grip pull-downs and chins.

Lower lats: Close gip pulldowns, one arm rows, and pullovers.

Upper Back: Heavy twisted over Barbell rows.

Lower Back: Deadlifts, good mornings, hyperextensions.

Middle back thickness: Barbell rows, cable rows, and t-bar rows.

Middle back thickness: Barbell rows,cable rows, t-bar rows.

Outer Back: Rows with a narrow grip, such as t-bar rows.

    * Lat pulldown or chins for back width and upper lats. 3-5 sets. 6-8 reps
    * Close grip pulldown for lower lats, 3 sets, 6-8 reps
    * twisted over Barbell rows for thickness of the back. 3-4 sets , 6-8 reps
    * Deadlifts for lower back thickness and total body power. 3 sets, 8,6,4

Here is a sample back workout that ought to give you some poor results. I think in training your back with lower reps than with arms etc. chiefly because it is such a gigantic muscle and seems to reply  well to lower reps.

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