Make an Awesome 6 pack

With the arrival of natural spring, many musclemen are pointing to the beaches, ponds and wherever they can take their shirt off for the girls. Spring and summertime play themselves as the cut periods of time in a muscle builders life where they threw off the special hammerings and dead body fat that they got during their bulking phase.
Likely the most talk about open during the cutting stage has considered the abs. We all desire abdominal muscles as do the missies, who want our abdominal muscles. This clause will draw a rotatory new means to take aim the abs and likewise furnish a couple of peaks. 
Breaking Down Muscle Groups

After changing my workout routine from a 4-day to a 3-day, I noticed dramatic improvement with strength and muscle growth. Before my change, I was naïve and ignorant about the science of bodybuilding; so I would train biceps and triceps on the same, etc.

After learning to break the muscle apart and train each section of the muscle separately, I gained more muscle growth and strength.

Nonetheless, I was still naïve with my abdominal training. One day, I thought: Why not break my abdominal muscles down and train each section differently? So on my Monday workout, I started this program by only training my lower abdominals. Then, on Wednesday, I tried my midsection/obliques. And on Friday, I trained my upper abdominals.

Eating the right foods and throwing some cardio training in every other day, my abdominals have become amazingly ripped. What used to be rolls of extended muscle tissue are now tight, square-shaped, ripped abs.

Additional Factors

Back Work

Of course, there were other factors in my abdominal training that supplemented to my drastic change in shape. One was that I placed an emphasis on my lats during my back workout. With this, my obliques became more visible and shapely.


Another supplement to my abdominal training was of course diet. I think everyone knows what to eat and what not to eat – there are tons of articles on about this subject.


Another tip for abdominal training was my cardio. I usually run in the morning because this is the time when the most fat is susceptible to burning. Although it was decent weather and I could have wore some shorts and a shirt, I opted for winter clothes.

I bundled myself up with a sweatshirt, sweat pants and a snow cap and within a couple of minutes, sweat was dripping – a clear sign of intensity. There are supplements out there that aid the fat loss process. Currently, the only fat loss supplement I am using is L-Carnitine. Other 

Favorite Exercises

Below are some exercises that aided me in reaching my goal:

Lower Abs:

o Leg Raises (on bench or on floor)
o Hanging Leg Raises
o Reverse Crunches

Middle Section/Obliques:

o Incline Sit Ups (with weight),
o Side Bends with Dumbbell
o Side Bends –
With midsection on weight bench and feet secured under something allowing your upper body to be suspended – lower down to touch the floor with your arms crossed and come back up.
o Russian Twists –
Sit on bench and bend to a 45 degree backward, remaining suspended in air. Use a light weight and hold away from you with your arms straight and out-stretched. Slowly lower to your left until you have gone 90 degrees and then come back up. Do the same for the right side.

Upper Abs:

o Crunches
o Seated/Weight pull downs
o Lying Weighted Crunches

Those are the exercises that I incorporate into my sectional ab training. Remember, train your abs like you train every other muscle. I only do 3 sets of 8 reps on each ab exercise. Go slow to feel the burn and concentrate on your abs while doing the exercise.

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