A BreakFast To Boost Your Energy & Build Up Muscles

I have always seen people who are working out, and they are concerned if their protein shake is good enough, or their creatine powder will help them gain extra mass, or even if the workout routine they have been following will make the difference. These are certainly issues we should be worrying about, and we should be keeping up with the search in order to provide the best support to our muscle build.

What most of us neglect regularly though is our solid food nutrition and especially breakfast. Although it is difficult for many of us to get used in having a good breakfast right after we get out of bed, it is the keystone of our daily energy supply.

I have made a habit out of it, even if it costs me a half an hour of sleep. Here is what I have for breakfast, which is providing me with about 30 grams of protein and enough carbohydrates to make it through my training and through the whole day:

• 70 grams oats with milk (10 grams protein)
• 4 egg whites mixed with cocoa for better taste (20 grams of pure egg white protein)
• 1 spoon of honey
• A cup of coffee.

You think this is too much? Well, at the beginning I thought so too. Whether you believe it or not after 2 and a half hours, I am ready for my after workout protein shake. Trust me, force yourself at the start, and it will become a very healthy habit to you.

Keep those muscles pumping!
source : ezinearticles

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