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Before we start analyzing which one is the best creatine supplement we should take a look back on how creatine was established as one of the top supplements in sports. Creatine was introduced in 1993 after the Olympic Games of Barcelona. Many athletes who took part in those games used creatine supplements to maximize their performance and win medals. Since it is a completely natural substance, there was no limitation on its use. It is being produced from the organism and it is also to be found in meat, fish, etc. It takes part in the muscle contraction process which leads to muscle regeneration after hard and intensive workouts.Creatine has proven to be a supplement that systematically helps increase performance. It is used widely in bodybuilding and strength sports and it is common knowledge that it assists building muscles and strength. What makes creatine unique as a supplement is that it is still popular in the market after all this years. Despite the myths that follow creatine, studies have shown that reasonable intake can only be beneficial.

Unlike other supplements creatine cannot be taken continuously without resting periods. Directions written on the product must be followed precisely. So, you have decided to put creatine in your bodybuilding schedule and you are searching for the best creatine supplement. First of all, you have to choose which type of creatine to take. These are the most common ones:

• Creatine Mono-hydrate
• Creatine Ester Ethyl
• Creatine Citrate
• Ester Creatine, or Creatine Ester Ethyl Hydrochloride

Don’t get confused, they all work the same for you. They provide your muscles creatine, which is what you ultimately need. However, my experienced with creatine mono-hydrate was excellent. I never tried any other type. If you are willing to try them all just go ahead. You might want to find out which one works best for you.

When it comes on choosing what brand to buy, you should focus only to the top in the market. Creatine supplements are relatively cheap so don’t hesitate to reach for top quality. Personally, I believe that Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder is the best creatine supplement. It provides your muscles with pure creatine, which means energy boost, stronger and longer workouts, results that you can see in a short period of time.

Remember, that creatine intake and hard workout must be inseparable. Combination of intensive training, creatine and protein supplements is the key to optimal muscle build and development. Keep those muscles pumping!

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