Bodybuilding for Teenagers – How Safe Is It?

The best timing for muscles to grow is by the end period of puberty, or 18-19 for men. In this period of time, testosterone is at its peak that makes it easier for you to gain more mass. Most people wonder if it is okay to start bodybuilding at such a young age. Yes, it is okay given that the weight used is not too heavy. For teenager under 18 years old, you can do these following exercises.

1. Train with a personal trainer

Hire a good personal trainer to make sure that the weight training you are doing is done correctly. A lot of teenagers ignore this and end up injuring themselves or developing the wrong habit over years.

2. Lift moderate weight with more repetitions

Remember to lift less weight with more repetitions. Most people, especially teenagers, have an ego to show off. They push too hard or do silly things to gain instant results. Bodybuilding process takes time, enjoy the process and you will be able to lift more weight over time.

3. Do straight sets

Lift moderate weight in straight sets allows you develop the right movement. In straight sets, you use the same weight for one training. For example, if you are doing bench presses, you use the same 80 pound weight for 3-4 sets. Keeping the right posture is the priority for beginners to avoid injury.

4. Rest on every other day

During teenage years, your body grows the most rapidly. Resting for a sufficient amount of time is essential to allow your muscles to repair themselves. The human growth hormone is at its peak during sleep. Don’t forget to supply yourself all the nutrients you need so that your body has all the material it needs to build more muscle mass.

5. Set a realistic goal

Make sure you set a realistic goal. Weight training is a time consuming process. Be patient because you will reach your goal slowly. Your hard work will finally show off.

6. Take supplements only if you have to

Everyone will be tempted to take supplements just like his seniors in the gym. You had better learn to eat right first before taking supplements. However, you can take protein supplements to supply yourself with more protein. Since you are a teenager, your body needs a lot of protein to grow, but since you are lifting weight, you need even more protein to gain mass.

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