Differences Between Whey and Casein Protein

This is a very common question among bodybuilders who wish to support their hard work out in order to gain pure muscles. Here is a detailed analysis of both protein types. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese production. When cheese is being produced there is a certain amount of liquid left over. That is Whey protein. It is being dried in order to make the protein powder.

Its greatest advantage is that Whey protein is considered to be a fast active protein. After intake, it takes no more than 30 minutes to have all the substances of the powder inside your blood stream and to your muscle tissue. At about 30-50 minutes the amino acids level has already reached its highest level. That is exactly Whey proteins big advantage. After your workout, you can directly intake one dosage of Whey protein and get all the benefits immediately while the blood concentration is still on the muscle part you have been working out.

On the other hand, Casein protein is considered to be a slow protein. By in taking Casein protein you reach your highest level of substance concentration in your blood at about 2-3 hours. This is much slower than Whey. However, you shouldn’t write Casein off. Besides the fast action of Whey, muscle cells also require a long-term protein supply throughout the day. Casein protein can give you that. After you complete your training, a certain procedure commences where destroyed muscle cells are being replaced from new ones to regenerate muscle tissue. Both protein types are part of this procedure.

So, a combination of those two protein types can give you an ideal support for your muscle growth. You can find in the market enough protein products which will cover your needs. You can choose either a protein formula which contains both Casein and Whey protein, or you can buy them separately. There is really no difference as long as you follow the instructions precisely. That way you have all the benefits a protein can give you in order to build muscles.

Should you have no option but choose one of them? I would go for the Whey Protein without any second thoughts. It is just too beneficial to skip. And of course you should never neglect protein intake from solid food. Protein powders shouldn’t act under any circumstances as a replacement to your regular meals.

Keep those muscles pumping!!

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