How To Resist Muscle Fatigue ?

I am sure you have all experience in the past this feeling where you feel you Muscles sore and aching after a hard workout or even during it. It is the certain point where you feel that your muscles are abandoning you, and you have to try much harder to lift an amount of weight for which you would normally need less effort. That is when muscle fatigue occurs. It is a term known for several years in sports. Our concern is to determine how it affects us in bodybuilding.

First of all, we have to establish how it is caused. During hard workout where our muscles are being pushed to their limits, they burn energy. Glycogen is the energy that muscle cells are using while we train them. As glycogen breaks anaerobically down it produces inorganic acids, which are being accumulated in the cells. The most important one is Lactic Acid. That is responsible for all those symptoms of fatigue we are experiencing. A recent study suggested that calcium flow inside muscle cells can cause muscle fatigue. We have to wait and see if that theory is in did accurate.

There are two main types of muscle fatigue. Genetically, or from sickness generated muscle fatigue where medical assistant is required. And the one concerning us, which is being caused from excessive exercise.

The best way to recover from muscle fatigue is to give each muscle part you have been training enough resting time. Normally, two days would be enough, but in case we are feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above just rest longer. Don’t worry if you experience muscle fatigue often. It is normal in bodybuilding and if we stick with our strength training muscle routines and our ideal protein intake then muscle development is unavoidable.

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