3 Steps to Full Six Pack Abs in Six Weeks

With so many workout guides popping up in supermarket shelves, sometimes, it gets difficult for a customer such as yourself to find the right workout system. It’s not easy at all to get six pack abs in six weeks, but if you are determined to spend time doing repetitive exercise movements and strictly keeping with a diet routine, you should be able to find a compatible system soon enough. If you haven’t made up your mind on what system to incorporate into your lifestyle just yet, these simple exercises will definitely help you choose the right routine while helping you prepare your body for the rough exercises at the same time.

  1. Start by getting rid of old habits and living healthy. Of course, the first thing you should do before engaging in rigorous exercises is to change your lifestyle and eating and exercise habits. This also means quitting your drinking and smoking habits and living a nicotine and alcohol free lifestyle. Once this is done, move on to changing your diet as well. It is important to observe a healthy, red-meat free or regulated diet. Too much consumption of red meat is not good for your health and will not aide you in your journey to building six pack abs. You might want to consider a protein-filled diet instead such as the Dukan diet, South Beach, Atkins, or perhaps a customized diet intended for body builders. Make sure you choose a diet that is compatible with your health-if you are diabetic, for example, make sure you choose a diet that will keep you away from excessive sugar consumption. The food you eat will definitely help you in your journey of building six pack abs in six weeks.
  2.  Do cardio exercises. The most common cardio exercises are weight lifting, walking and jogging; however, it is important to engage in other cardiovascular exercises-some of which may be physically demanding while the rest are easy. Spend at least half an hour per day doing cardio exercises. By increasing your heart beat rate, your body will burn stored fat. Cardio exercises plus a good diet will help you reach your goal of having six pack abs in six weeks.
  3. Cut down on carbohydrates. When it comes to bodybuilding and losing weight, carbohydrates are everyone’s worst enemies. Some ingredients and food that contain carbohydrates are: potatoes, rice, flour, bananas, and grains. To effectively build a six pack, you must cut down on your consumption of any food containing carbohydrates.

By integrating these three important tips into your lifestyle, you should be able to get six pack abs in six weeks. Just when you thought brandishing full six pack abs in six weeks was impossible, think again. So many people say this can be done as long as you are determined and ready for the challenge.

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