Protein Diet Plan

You want to build muscle and you work hard in the gym. You are in the right path. However, that is not enough. What you need is a protein diet plan.
What is a protein diet plan and why do we need that? It is common knowledge that protein is the keystone for muscle development. After each muscle contraction millions of muscle cells are being destroyed. Nevertheless, this is something you shouldn’t worry about. A regeneration process commences almost immediately, resulting multiplication of the muscle cells which leads ultimately to muscle growth.

To achieve maximum development you need to train properly, I assume you do that, rest after each workout and the most important make sure that you provide your body with enough protein. Failing on any of these factors, will limit your muscle growth up to a certain point. The question is how much protein should you intake daily? That is why you need a protein diet plan. The human body can metabolize a maximum amount of 30 to 35 grams of protein every 2 to 3 hours. If the protein is being outsourced from solid food then a minimum of 3 hours is required. If the source is your protein shake then 2 hours are enough. Multiplying your body weight with 2, will give you the amount of protein in grams you need in a daily basis to achieve maximum muscle growth. So, the purpose of a protein diet plan is to help you divide your meals so nothing goes to waste and you benefit from your daily nutrition, whether it is in the form of solid food or as a protein supplement.
Here is an example of a typical protein diet plan divided in 5 meals, for an individual who weighs 85 kilograms (approx 170 pounds):
Total daily amount: 175 grams of pure protein.
8.00 Meal one (35 grams protein)
5 egg whites, 70 grams oats with milk
11.00 Meal two (30 grams protein)
Protein shake
14.00 Meal three (40 grams protein)
100 grams Chicken breast or beef lean or turkey or salmon or tuna and 50 grams cottage non-fat cheese
17.00 Meal four (30 grams protein)
Protein shake
20.00 Meal five
Same as meal three
You can add a sixth meal if your daily protein need according to your body weight is larger.
Note, that this is only a protein diet plan and not a complete diet schedule. You will find specific foods, which contain the protein amount which is required for your daily nutrition.

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