Top Shoulder Workout

Shoulder muscle is an important muscle in the body muscles. Grown Shoulders give you the advantage to have a bigger look than you are. It Also makes you waist look smaller in comparison to your wide shoulders. Even so, Shoulders are the most neglected body parts. Having a huge shoulders will help you in building your chest and back muscles easier and more quick.

A proper shoulder workout must include training of all three shoulder parts: Front, side and rear. There are certain exercises to work on each shoulder part:
Shoulder Press
The first and maybe most important shoulder exercise is the shoulder press. They train mostly the front part, but if you execute the exercise behind the head you work on your rear part. If you are experienced, I would recommend using dumbbells. They let you perform the move in a much wider range which helps focusing on the contraction itself. For a beginner, it is better to use a shoulder machine in order to get used to the move.
Side Raise
This is the ideal exercise for the side shoulder part and it must be included in every shoulder workout routine. You will have the best results if you perform this exercise with dumbbells. You should better start with less weight since performing the move correctly is very significant. Remember to lift the dumbbells up to the shoulder line.
Front Raise
Like the side raises this is an exercise which is about movement precision. You can lift dumbbells or a plate slowly up to eye level. Lower the weight slowly again in order to benefit from the negative move of the exercise. After 2-3 sets, you should feel your front shoulders burning.
Low Pulley Upright Row
This is the so-called all in one shoulder exercise. Although it targets mainly on the traps, all shoulder parts are being trained along. Make sure when you lift the cable or the barbell to stay on the higher point for a second or two. This will maximize the intensity of the exercise.
Rear Cable Raise
It happens often to forget our rear shoulder part. I witness people in the gym training their shoulders hard and neglecting their rear shoulder. Underdeveloped rear shoulders have a negative effect on the total image of your shoulders. You have the option of using a cable or a dumbbell. However, I would suggest using a cable so that you keep the pressure on your muscles during the whole movement. Like the previous exercises make sure to lift and lower the weight slowly.
This was the top exercises for shoulder muscles. Train your shoulders as your chest and back. Try To have symmetry in bodybuilding

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