5 Tips To Build Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is a topic that has been talked about a lot and is also something that puzzles lots of people who are workout frequently and are having problem to put on some pure muscle. I am sure you’ve often been in the condition where you are working hard, you take your protein and you have been following a nutrition plan with discipline. However, it is common for many not being satisfied from their results. I will give you five tips to help you beat the difficulties and gain the muscle mass you were always aiming for:

1) Time to Start Eating
I can understand that it is not going to be easy for you to change your eating habits. However, gaining mass means more food consuming. You have to increase your daily calorie intake rapidly and stop worrying that you might have to sacrifice your muscle definition. Muscle definition is something you are going to deal with in a later time period. For now, start calculating your daily calorie intake and increase it. You must understand that while you are bulking up some fat gain is unavoidable.

2) Weight Gainers

Finding the right weight gainer is crucial if you want to bulk up. Weight gainers have the advantage of giving directly to your muscle the amount of calories, carbs and protein they need and assist your body to develop mass. There are several products in the market to choose from. However, I fully trust Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass as one of the best in the market.

3) Maximize the Weight and Lower the Reps
Now is the proper time to start lifting some serious weights. Bulking means heavy weights. You must discover your limits. Do not be afraid to push yourself to the edge. A rep range of 4 to 6 reps per set lifting the maximum weight is all you need during this training period.
4) Train one Muscle Part per Day
Training one muscle part per day means that you have to adopt a 5 day workout routine during your muscle mass gain phase. For example: Monday-Chest, Tuesday-Back, Wednesday-Arms, Thursday-Legs and Friday-Shoulders. That way you can focus your training to one particular body part per day and train it with full intensity by doing 12 to 15 sets until exhaustion. The blood concentration and the muscle pump you are going to feel after completing your workout will be amazing!
5) Minimize your Cardio Exercise
Cardio and mass gaining do not fit together. You have to reduce your cardio to once a week the most. You need the calories to bulk up and you cannot afford to waste them by doing cardio. Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I have to mention that cardio is necessary in bodybuilding but not while you are trying to add mass to your body. You can always increase your cardio exercise whenever you enter the muscle definition phase.
Follow these five easy rules, take a good weight gainer, be patient and constant you are in the right path to gain some serious muscle mass.

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