Avoiding Injuries from Wrong Execution

http://www.revolutionpersonaltraining.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/injury-prevention.jpgRegular exercise is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It is, however, important to perform exercises correctly in order for them to have their most beneficial effects and to avoid any possible injury. While most exercise is not inherently dangerous, and it would be a mistake to get overly concerned about injurious possibilities, right execution of exercises is nevertheless very important. The following are some tips regarding how to make sure that you are doing he exercises in your exercise program right:

Read Books and Watch Videos

Reading exercise books, manuals, or internet content is a good way to learn about various routines initially. These books and other information sources often go into a lot of detail about which exercises to perform and how to do them correctly. You should have a fairly thorough overview of a number of different exercises along with how to perform them before you begin, and these sources can provide this. Correct performance of an exercise does not merely mean to do the motions correctly but also to understand how many repetitions to start off with, to be familiar with some common errors in performance of the
exercise, and to know about alternate ways to do the exercise initially if the regular technique is too difficult. Watching exercise videos can be another good method of learning about exercises and the proper way to perform them to begin with. Videos can be especially useful because they allow the watcher to see the actual real time motions of an exercise and thus possibly get a better sense of the right technique more quickly.

Trust your Body

Once you do have a good grasp of the proper technique for the various
exercises in your routine, supplement this by trusting your muscles and your body in general. If you experience pain or feelings of much exaggerated strain, that is a sure sign that you are doing an exercise incorrectly in some way. This might be something as simple as lifting too much weight during a weight training routine or something in the technique of your exercise, such as doing overhead extensions with the wrong grip or motions. Your body can tell you a lot, so be aware of how an exercise makes you feel. A correctly done exercise should be an exertion that is manageable and essentially feels balanced and good.

Talk to Trainers

Most fitness centers have trainers on hand to advise people on how to best exercise and even to spot or assist them. If you have any doubts about how to do an exercise, talk to trainers. That is what they are there for. They may even be able to offer tips on useful variations to exercises that you are already doing,

Read Instructions on Machines

Reading instructions on exercise machines can help assure that you go about the exercise right. You may think you have all the information about a certain exercise from your reading or video watching. But keep in mind that instructions on machines do no relate only to performing the exercise, but also to the function and safety precautions relating to the machine itself. Doing the exercise on an exercise machine right means taking all of these mechanical factors into consideration along with the exercise itself.

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