Build Muscle with Glutamine

It is well known that Glutamine is an amino acid of the BCAA’s or moreover the Branched Chain Amino Acids. many of the hard training athletes or bodybuilders fail to know is the value of this specific amino acid.

Before we explain how significant Glutamine is for our muscles and our body, let us see what Glutamine really is.

Glutamine is considered to be one of the 20 amino acids that are being produced from the human organism. However, in some cases it’s being considered as a non-essential amino acid meaning that it has to be taken additionally from foods or supplements. In cases like injuries, illness or the case that concerns us, which is muscle build, extra intake of glutamine is critical. Although glutamine levels in the blood stream are about 60% of the total amino acid amount, in some situations our body reduces the concentration of glutamine inside the muscle tissue in order to support the immune system if an injury or an illness occurs.

For bodybuilders and in general athletes who work out intensively, glutamine is maybe the most important supplement to help you rebuild the muscle tissue that has been destroyed from the hard training. Scientific studies have proven that glutamine as a part of the Branched Chain Amino Acids is playing a very significant role in the protein synthesis. The same studies have shown that after an intensive workout, a high amount of glutamine is being depleted. If you do not replace the lost glutamine the body extracts the glutamine it needs from the skeletal muscle. That leads eventually to muscle metabolize. This of course is a scenario none of us wishes to happen.

Other studies have revealed that glutamine is extremely beneficial against heart diseases and also helps strengthening the immune system.

Although glutamine can be taken from various food sources, glutamine supplementation is necessary, especially for those who train hard and intensively.

Nowadays, the market is overwhelmed with glutamine products. You can find it in a pure form or inside a formula. Some of the most popular products are:

1) SciVation Xtend which is more like a formula containing all the BCAA’s.
2) Optimum Nutrition 1000 is a pure glutamine supplement either in a capsule or in powder form.
3) Muscle Pharm Recon is also a BCAA’s formula.
4) MHP Glutamine-SR another pure glutamine powder.
5) Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn is an excellent option for those who like to intake both creatine and glutamine from just one product!

So in Conclusion we might say that if you are really are going to build muscle and strength glutamine must be one of your top priorities.

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