Building Lean Muscles and Gain Weight Without the Belly Fat

Who wishes to be a skinny stick man? Without question, ladies just love the more masculine look with more muscles. while you want to gain weight to improve your look, you want to start building lean muscles to achieve a masculine physique. Though, you also want to get rid of the big belly while you gain weight. This article is intended for people who wanted to build muscles but do not want to gain the fats while gaining weight.

When you bulk up, you do not want to have a big bicep but have a big belly. The best way to build lean muscles is through weight training with limited aerobic exercise.

Lots of gym rats link aerobic workouts as the most important part to burn more calories over a short period of time. However the moment you stop doing your cardio, you also stop burning calories. As a result, doing hours of treadmill or biking may not be the most effective way to burn calories while building muscles.

When you start lifting weights and doing resistance training, you not only start to excite muscle growth, you also rev up the metabolism even hours after your workouts. Actually, building muscles is the key to burn calories over the long run. Certainly, you can still do some cardio but you can limit it to 15 to 20 minutes after your weight training sessions. That is all you need.

If you want to lose the belly, you would like to have a plan to lower the body fat to 10% or less. To attain the desired results, my personal secret is the 24-hour fasting from 8 pm to 8 pm the next day. This is based on personal success as well as the success of some people who tried fasting. You do not need to follow a diet plan if you implement fasting once every two weeks while doing resistance training.

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