Five Carbs That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you aren’t eating a low carbohydrate diet, you most likely would like to know what options you’ve when choosing healthy carbohydrates. Even though, low carbohydrate diets are popular, a lot of people simply can’t choose this way of eating, either for the reason that they are vegetarians, having health problems that don’t let them eat too much protein, or they simply fond of eating carbohydrates more than fats and proteins. Here are some of the healthiest carbohydrates you might want to use in your diet plan.

1- Brown/White rice – Brown rice is a very good food, filled with minerals and fibers. If you are having digestive problems, brown rice can help you feel better. Also, it can be cooked in various ways and combined with many foods, so you won’t get bored with it. If you don’t like how brown rice tastes, you can use white rice too, although it doesn’t have that many fibers. They are both an excellent option for somebody who wants to eat less but feel fuller.
2- Muesli – this food is great to start your day with. You can use muesli with milk or yogurt, add fruits and you will get a wonderful desert. What makes muesli such a good option is the fact that is has a lot of vitamins and minerals so you get enough energy throughout the day.
3- Nuts and peanuts – although they contain quite a big percentage of fat along the carbohydrates, the fat is the healthy type so there’s no need to worry. Nuts and peanuts will make you feel full so they are a perfect choice for a snack during the day.
4- Whole grain bread – when I say whole grain I mean that really dark seedy type of bread. However, don’t eat too much even if it is whole grain bread. Limit your intake to about 3-4 thin slices a day. The great thing about whole grain bread is the fact that it contains a lot of fibers, so it helps your digestive system and makes you feel fuller.
5- Oatmeal and oatcakes – Oatmeal is a great option for breakfast and you can even cook it and make an oatmeal porridge that is very easy to digest. Studies show that it also keeps your body from storing fats and helps reduce the risk of heart disease, so you might want to use it if you are trying to lose weight. Oat cakes can also be an alternative if you want to try something new.
Eating Healthy diet can adjust your life and the way you feel about yourself. Have confidence by being healthy and fit while eating things you like. Our advices and tips were created to be easily adjusted to your sole needs.

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