Get In Shape for the Summer

If you’re planning a beach getaway this summer, then it’s only natural that you’d want to look your best. What would you say if someone told you that you could tone up and get great looking skin just by tweaking your diet a little? Well, that’s exactly what many manufacturers of Acai Berry weight loss supplements promise. However, the amount of truth in such claims is debateable. What can be said for sure though is that the Acai Berry is a very healthy fruit that does contain properties which can be associated with smoother skin, a healthier body and increased weight loss.
The Acai Berry is found in the Brazilian Rainforests. It’s a small berry, and it has a large stone, so it needs to be harvested in large quantities to make it worth eating, but it tastes great. The flavour is a mix of blueberries with a chocolate-like aftertaste. Just imagine something that not only tastes delicious, it’s also good for you – that’s why Acai Berry weight loss products are so popular.

More than Just the Acai Berry
Of course, Acai Berry weight loss products can’t work miracles. If you want to get in shape you’ll need to do more than just eat an Acai Berry snack bar every now and then. To successfully lose weight you will need to manage your calorie intake in such a way that you consume fewer calories than you use each day.
A sensible diet program would look like this:
·         Find out how many calories you need to consume each day. This is based on your height and weight, and there are many calculators available online.
·         Subtract 250 or 500 calories from that figure. If you’re overweight, go for 500, if you don’t have much to lose, go for 250.
·         Each day, write down what you eat and drink, and try to stay as close to your goal number of Calories as possible. Count everything you eat or drink – even the sugar in your tea, or the biscuit you grabbed at the office.
·         Don’t cut out food you like. Just eat less of it.
·         Try to eat a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Don’t avoid foods because you’ve heard they’re bad for you. Some fats are actually a requirement as part of a healthy diet; you just need to have them in moderation.
·         If Calorie restriction proves too stressful for you, there’s some leeway to add exercise to your program, and then eat a little more on those days – but be honest about the amount of exercise you’re doing. An hour in the gym does not equate to a trip to Domino’s Pizza!
The Acai Berry weight loss program fits in well with the above advice because it encourages you to think about what you’re eating. When you make time for your Acai Berry drink, or prepare a meal that has been written out as part of the Acai Berry weight loss program, it encourages you to think about what else you’ve eaten, and it may help you to avoid “bad” foods instead. If your fruit bar replaces an even more Calorie dense chocolate bar, then that’s a step forward.


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