How To Do Ronnie Coleman Leg Press – Video Included

In this article we’ll learn how to leg press Properly and Safely with Ronnie Coleman leg press video included, So Let’s Start..

How to do the leg press exercise: This exercise needs to be performed on a stable base, so basically your back needs to be straight (most good quality leg press machines will provide a straight comfortable seat).
Adjust your feet so they are comfortable on the foot pads, your knees should be about a 90 degree angle, anything greater than this will cause a limited range of motion (ROM) and not all the desired muscle will be worked. If your knees are too close to your body than this is also bad because it put unnecessary strain onto your joints.

Keep your hands firmly gripped onto the handles attached to the leg press and push until your legs are fully extended, on returning do not let the weight rest completely on the as this will help keep strain on the muscles and work them harder.

The great thing about using a leg press is you can typically lift heavier weights compared with Barbell Squats, primarily because the weight is not pushing down through your back.

Mentality: Because you can lift heavier weights with a leg press machine it is important to keep good posture. Concentration is also needed because this compound movement will use a lot of energy.

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