Pre-Workout Supplements Guide

The industry of fitness throughout the world is becoming more and more popular and this is clearly noticeable by the increasingly number of gyms that are appearing on our high streets and business parks. This in sequence has seen the rise in the use of supplements by amateur and professional athletes alike who are looking for something to give them that extra 1%. Additional rep with the barbell, the extra 500 meters on the treadmill, an extra length of the pool or a second of that time. We have to keep in mind that the most important thing of everyone’s training is their diet and that supplements are designed to do exactly the name says, supplement not replace. Once your diet is in check then it may be worth visiting the world of sports supplements just to see how they can improve your recovery times and overall performance.

There are such a vast number of different types of supplements out there and many of which you see on a daily basis in the form of Multi Vitamins, a bottle of Lucozade down the newsagents or a can of red bull in the pub. We’ll cover the full range of supplements in future articles but in this one we’ll discuss the different types of pre-workout formulas that are available on today’s market and which ones come highly recommended.

Pre Workout supplements are usually intended to increase energy levels and/or increase muscle pump. The muscle pump based products usually contain the amino acid l-arginine which opens the capillaries to allow the increased transportation of blood into the muscles. This not only improve nutrient delivery but it also increase muscle volume and provides additional strength throughout your work. Pump based products nearly always contain caffeine to help increase energy levels and mental focus and likewise with the pre-workouts which are designed specifically to improve energy.

All energy based pre workouts typically fall into one of two categories, stimulant and non-stimulant. The non-stimulant versions, often favored by runners and cyclists, consist of carbohydrates which will assist providing a constant level of stamina during a workout and won’t cause any dehydration or sudden crashes. Stimulant based formulas nearly always include caffeine as well as other ingredients than cause heightened mental alertness and focus, in addition to increasing energy levels. These can be quite strong when first consuming and I would advise start off by taking a small serving to test your tolerance and make sure you don’t have it too late at night otherwise you possibly will have trouble sleeping!

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