Protein Bar Benefits

Protein bars are one of the main dependable sources of protein nowadays. These bars are scientifically intended to provide all of the high nutrient ingredients our bodies need, particularly when following a low calorie, high protein diet. According to study carried out by the Food and Beverage Industry, the market for nutrition and energy bars in America saw a 169% increase in the first half of the 2000s. This shows how public interest and reliance is rapidly growing.

Every bar promises a high protein content, plentiful nutrition and a variety of flavours. Their convenience is another reason they have seen such a growth in popularity. In an age where we have less and less time to take care of our dietary requirements, protein bars require no refrigeration, are easy to carry around, can be eaten quickly and don’t spoil.

Protein bars as we recognize them today are an evolution of the original power bars, which were created with this efficiency in mind. The original bars were snacks filled with carbohydrates, to provide people who were continuously on the go with the energy they may be missing. Though their initial success was limited, due to the simple fact they didn’t taste very nice. Attractiveness increased when they were rebranded as protein bars. This time the level of carbohydrates has been reduced and replaced with more protein content. They had greater nutritional value and they tasted better.

So, just how beneficial are they to a well balanced weight loss or bodybuilding diet? Well, they are obviously a great source of protein, but they are also a source of protein without any additional carbohydrates and fats. Getting the same amount of protein from a regular meal may include these and they made not be helpful toward your particular diet. You can get up to 20 grams of protein in each bar, with 175 calories. This is enough to fill your protein requirements in a 5 meal regimen.

Protein bars also help in repressing your appetite for sweet snacks. They contain sufficient amounts of fructose, which can lower your desire for things like sweets. The natural fruit bits in each bar also supply nutrients like Vitamin C, which helps to keep your body healthy.
Studies also show that soy and whey based bars help build lean muscle mass. They work in the same way meat, fish and eggs do, in supplying the body with the protein it needs to develop muscle. Obviously eating protein bars alone will not help build muscle, they must supplement a good strength training workout.

Study has now shown that high carbohydrate diets, once thinking of as the most useful body fuel, are in fact a chief cause of unwanted fat among bodybuilders. This makes protein bars the ideal alternative for loading up on protein and building muscle without gaining fat.

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