Why Training Triceps is Better Than Biceps?

The most important thing you want to know is to train your triceps, they contain a large number of muscles than your biceps. If you were to walk into roughly any gym, you would see people doing bicep curls for various sets, and they would thought that this was going to help them build arm muscle. Though I recognize their efforts, and admit that it will help them, I have to say that they are quite wrong in their training methods.

Do you recognize why it is critical to focus on triceps? It is quite basically because your triceps make up about 2/3 of your arm. If you do not train your triceps, you are not training 2/3 of your arm and opting to train only 1/3. How could you ever expect to build arm muscle with such a plan?

Certainly you need to train your biceps too. You will never have balanced muscule without doing so. If they make up 1/3 of your arm, they should probably take up about 1/3 of your arm training time. Six sets total is sufficient. Three sets of reverse curls and three sets of concentration curls is plenty for biceps development. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The triceps are involved in many complex weight training exercises. Military presses, half presses, bench presses, and dips will hammer your triceps. Your routine include all of them, maybe not at one time, but at some point in your training cycle. These major exercises will help you to press heavier weight, allowing you to build insane arm muscle. Pick two of these exercises and perform 3 sets of each.

When you train pressing exercises for arm muscle, you must use proper form. All exercises should be peformed with a 98% range of motion, meaning to use a pretty full range of motion, but avoid locking out hard. If you chose to lock out at full extension on pressing exercises, you will eventually develop elbow pain. Take care of your body by not hurting it.

In addition to pressing exercises, you should perform stretching exercises, such as skull crushers and various triceps extension exercise. Stretching exercises will create a deep burning feeling, in your arms. The burn is your bodies way of telling you that it does not like what you are doing. It will adapt to the stress eventually. Pick one stretching exercise and perform three sets.

Close grip bench press, tricep kickbacks, bench dips, diamond pushups, and various forms of pushdowns do not give you very good range of motion. I suggest not even doing them, but you can experiment with them if you wish. All exercises are good, some are better than others. What is right for me, could be wrong for you. Come to your own conclusion, but consider what I have told you.

So, you needed to know how to build arm muscle. You now know what to do. To revise, perform six sets of bicep curls. Choose two of the major compound exercises and do three sets of each. Then pick one stretching exercise and perform three sets of it. There is your perfect technique for arm muscle. Get to work. Your arms are waiting.

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