Are Daily Cardio Exercises Recommended in Your Mid-50s?

Weight loss pills are probably not what you can solely be dependent upon when you are in your mid-50s. It is important to keep moving your joints than just keep a check on your weight.

The National Institute of Health states on their Senior Health Channel that there are studies showing that people in their mid-fifties benefit from exercise. As you get older, exercise can actually benefit you as much as it does for younger people. These benefits include such things as better overall health, stronger muscles, more endurance, improved focus, great joint movement, better circulation, a stronger heart and more energy.
It’s recommended that you get 15 to 20 minutes of cardio exercise daily. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin any fitness routine so you’ll know that you’re healthy enough to work out. There are various ways to get in your cardio exercises when you’re in your mid-50s.

Walking: If you’re just starting to exercise regularly, try walking. Taking a brisk walk can get your heart rate up and keep it there while also working other muscles simultaneously. Choose a good time to walk in a park, your neighborhood or circling a nearby lake. Whether it’s in the morning or evening, it’s good to mix up your routes so you don’t get bored. It’s recommended that you check your heart rate to keep it between 116 and 140 beats a minute.
Exercise Videos: There are many exercise videos that you can buy or rent that will help you get in your daily cardio workout. These are fun and keep you from getting bored while performing your daily workout. You can try out Jazzercise, Zumba, Tae Bo and others to see which one suit you the best. These videos are useful to people that forget to warm up properly and will instruct the best way to do that. All workouts need to begin with a warm up and end with a cool down. Exercise videos are the best way to ease back into exercising.
Cycling: An excellent way to get in your cardio workout in is with cycling. If you can’t get outside, a stationary bicycle is an ideal solution. When the weather is nice, you can ride a bicycle around your neighborhood or find other locations that you find interesting. Just be sure to wear the proper equipment when riding. A study in 2010 showed that women of middle age that used a bicycle to exercise managed their weight easier than those that didn’t cycle. This study showed that just 5 minutes daily of cycling can make a big difference.
House Cleaning: Vigorous house cleaning can provide some efficient cardio workouts. This can expand to outside work such as mowing or raking your lawn. Things like this improve your home as well as providing some great cardio exercise.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to maintain an active lifestyle. This provides at the least a light cardiovascular workout that you can enjoy while also getting some things done. These types of workouts are suitable for people of any age as long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor to engage in exercise.

By: Brenda Lyttle a health expert

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