Bodybuilder Tips For a Massive Chest

Chest is no doubt the body part that will provide you the unique bodybuilder look you always desired for. Regardless of what your preferred muscle group is, the chest ought to be your main concern. Located on the upper body a well-shaped, pumped chest can simply make the greatest feeling.

It is not coincidental that the greatest bodybuilders ever had tremendously developed chest muscles. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman and the recent Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler claimed about excellent chest structure.

So, in order to build a perfect chest your next step is to follow the best chest workout along with some training techniques that will trigger your chest muscle growth.

If you think that your chest is less developed compared to your other muscle groups, then start working on a single day chest workout like the one following:
Day 1 – chest-abs
Day 2 – back-biceps-abs
Day 3 – rest
Day 4 – legs-abs
Day 5 – shoulders-triceps
As you understand the one day where you work at your chest solely, you have to do it with high intention and concentration.

Start by doing 4 sets bench press followed by 4 sets incline bench press. Add weight after each set and keep your rep count close to exhaustion. Remember that you are bench pressing for yourself and not to demonstrate in the gym how much you can lift. Lift as much as it allows you to perform the exercise correctly. Keep your back on the bench your elbows vertical and push the weight slowly in order to benefit from the negative exercise. Do not rest longer than 40 seconds between the sets.

Proceed by doing 3 sets incline flies without resting. Reduce the weight after each set. When you reach muscle failure then rest for about 2 minutes. Repeat the exercise once more. As a final exercise I would recommend doing some cable cross-overs. 3 sets are enough.
This is one of the top chest workout routines to start with. After 6 to 8 weeks you can modify it a little by doing super sets or Tri-sets if you are in a quite higher level.

All these great workout routines will not do you any good, unless you keep a firm nutrition plan and be careful of your daily protein intake.

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