Bodybuilder tips To Build Chest Muscles Like Old Time Bodybuilders

I am the kind of man that spends fairly a bit of time in bookstores, reading different magazines and books concerning building muscle and bodybuilder tips. The topic has attracted me for about fifteen years, and I am always looking for new ways of training. Seeing the chest muscles of Franco Columbu, John Grimek, and Reg Park, makes my jaw drop in amazement. Their muscular growth is more eye-catching to me than what I see on stage these days. You just cannot train like most of the mainstream magazines say you can and expect to see the same results. I feel terrible for the people who take some of the nonsense written these days serious, and decided to write this piece on how to build chest muscles for those of you who cannot seem to get the results that you want.

Franco Columbu

First bodybuilder tips is to train your bench press movements, being careful that you must train for your particular needs. Incline presses should be the focus for those who need extra muscle on their upper chest muscles. Decline presses should be the focus for those who need extra muscle on their lower chest muscles. Regular presses work all areas of the chest and should always be done. However, do your pressing movements for your weak chest muscles first. Only train two pressing movements per session, one movement will be for your weak chest muscles and the other will be standard bench press. Train with six to twelve reps per set, and three to four sets per exercise. Performing presses in this manner is how to build chest muscles that are big and proportioned.

Second bodybuilder tips is to define your mass by doing flying type movements. I rarely see anyone doing these movements anymore, but they are powerful in the extreme. There are various types of flies. Incline, regular, and decline flies can be done with dumbbells. Cable crossovers are also a flying type movement, and they can be done at all angles as well. In addition, there are pec deck machines which perform quite similar movements and seem to work very well. No matter what particular movement you choose, you must do some sets of this type of movement to get good definition. A good example of greatly defined chest muscles would be Franco Columbo. His striations were intense. It took some fly movements to get that type of separation between his muscles. Bodybuilder tips flying movements should be done for higher repetitions. I would suggest doing them for twenty to thirty reps and three or four sets. Flying movements are how to build chest muscles that are defined.

I recognize these are some effortless bodybuilder tips and you might find it hard to believe that such a effortless routine would work. From practice, I have found that a simple routine is best. Train simple and with intensity. Do not misuse energy on sets when you are not using intensity. You cannot carry out thirty sets for chest and maintain intensity. Though it is simple, this is bodybuilder tips to build chest muscles like the stars from the good old days. Go back to the days when the stars did not look like freaks but looked good on the beach.

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