10 Ways to Build Bigger Arms!

Workouts are done by most guys to build bigger arms but often forget about the most basic principles in muscle building to make it happen. Here are 10 easy bodybuilding workouts and effective techniques for adding muscle size and thickness to your bi’s and tri’s:

10. Focus on your triceps – your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm’s size!
9. Mix it up. Use a variety of machines, cables and free weights.

8. Do more sets and fewer reps with heavier weight. Try a 5 x 5 or 8 x 8 set/rep scheme.
7. Change it up. If you usually start your arm training with biceps, start with triceps – it’ll keep your muscles guessing and growing!
6. Superset your bi’s and tri’s. Supersets really shock the muscles and stimulate new growth.
5. SQUEEZE! Squeeze every muscle contraction to drive as much blood and nutrients into your arms as possible!
4. Mix your grips. Perform a variety of wide-grip, close-grip and reverse-grip movements to hit all areas of your bi’s and tri’s.
3. SLEEP! Muscle growth happens while resting, not while reppin’ out. Be sure to get your eight hours in.
2. Use proper form. You’ll make more gains working with weights you can handle.

1. EAT MORE PROTEIN! Protein is the most important macronutrient you can consume if you wanna pack on muscle!

Incorporate any of these workouts tried and true muscle-building principles into your workout routine and your arms will grow! And if there are any bodybuilder workouts that we missed, feel free to add them below! Share your tips with the world!

Team MuscleTech fitness model Marc Megna

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