Getting Started with a BodyBuilding Routine

Bodybuilder workouts for starting your bodybuilding routine. Thumb through a dozen workout magazines and you will find 12 different “ultimate” bodybuilder workouts, as well as numerous spot workouts, plateau-breaking routines, time-saving workouts and any other workout you can imagine. Ask 12 personal trainers and you’ll get 12 different ideas about the best routine.

It’s enough to make a beginning bodybuilder’s head spin. They can’t all be the best, can they? The truth is that resistance training is good stuff. Just about any workout that lets you exhaust your muscles and then gives them time to recover will result in a dramatically better body within an astonishingly short time compared to other types of exercise. However, different bodybuilder workouts will sculpt your body in different ways.

If you’re just starting bodybuilder workouts with resistance training, you probably have one goal: getting big. That’s fine. Later on you’ll probably want to develop strength, endurance and definition, but for now, getting big is the chief aim. It’s important, though, that you develop good habits right from the start, so that you create a solid foundation you can build on for the rest of your life.

Before you begin bodybuilder workouts, clear it with your doctor. Then check out the local gyms. Take advantage of free trials or guest passes. Find a no-nonsense gym you’re comfortable with. If the membership comes with a free trainer, take advantage of it. Don’t feel intimidated. Everyone in the gym will know at first glance that you’re wet behind the ears no matter what you do, so just relax and get to work wearing that new off.

If there’s no trainer, pick an equipment poster from the wall and do the exercises shown in the order given. Carefully follow the form shown bodybuilder workouts on the poster, and if you’re using free weights, get someone to spot you. To build the most muscle the fastest, you want to lift heavy weights. This doesn’t mean overloading the bar and arching your back or straining to lift it. It means that you choose the amount of weight you can lift using proper form for no more than 10 repetitions for your first set.

After the first set, rest for two minutes. Then do another set with fewer reps, or reduce the weight and do 10 more reps. Do that once or twice more, take a break, then move on. Do all the exercises shown, unless you have medical reasons to forgo a certain exercise. Skipping exercises will lead to muscle imbalances and, eventually, injury. It will also make you look like a fool. Think huge guns and a scrawny back. Work out every other day; muscle growth requires rest. Take a picture of yourself now, because in 90 days you’ll look very different.

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