Intensity-Inducing Supersets by Team MuscleTech

If you’re looking for ways to increase its intensity , try supersetting one of these tried-and-true muscle-building combinations. This type of high-energy training is a great way to break through plateaus, burn more calories and stimulate muscle growth. You’ll get some killer pumps, too! Just remember: the key is to do them back-to-back with no rest in between workouts. This will not only make your training session more intense, but it’ll also make it more challenging!Day 1 – CHEST: Incline Bench Press/Push-Ups

Day 2 – BICEPS: 

Standing Barbell Curls/Seated Concentration Curls

Day 4 – BACK:
Day 3 – TRICEPS:

Dips/Reverse-Grip Single-Arm Triceps Pressdowns

Lat Pulldowns/Dumbell Rows

Shoulder Press/Standing Lateral Raises

Day 6 – LEGS:

These are only a few examples of the types of exercises you can superset to increase the intensity of your training session. Any recommendations to add? What kind of supersets do you think are the most effective that are worthy of this list? Let us know what they are below!

Supersetting push-ups with incline bench press is a great chest-building combination that will deliver a killer pump!

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