Need to Lose Weight: Eat more Fat!

Diet is one thing that many people have decided that they must do for a variety of reasons is to lose their excess weight. The reasons for this decision often vary from health reasons, to aesthetic reasons, to simply losing weight to save on health insurance, but the bottom line is that more people are choosing to slim down and drop their excess pounds. However, the problem often becomes that people expect instant results and quick results are simply not a realistic expectation, not if keeping the weight off permanently is the main goal. The key is to not go for the fad methods of quick weight loss but to utilize methods that have proven and lasting results.

Set Realistic Goals

When it comes to diet and losing weight many people are so eager to make the transformation that they tend to push themselves way too hard to lose the weight as quickly as possible. The problem is that while quick weight loss may seem great at the time, the weight will return and usually bring more with it. The best practice is to either set realistic goals, or to simply be happy with whatever progress, no matter how small, is made. This type of goal setting helps avoid disappointments and depression over set backs.

The Exercise Theory

Exercise is important, but everyone seems to think that constant exercise is necessary in order to lose pounds. Although extra exercise is important when it comes to losing weight, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours a day working out and pushing your body to the limits of exhaustion. Extra exercise is easily achieved by simple changes in your daily routines, things such as diets for bodybuilding, parking farther from the door so you walk more or taking stairs instead of the elevator. Walking is a great exercise to help speed up your metabolism and get those extra pounds off.

While working out until you’re exhausted isn’t a good idea, incorporating a workout that will target the problem areas of your body is, research and choose the exercises that will best accommodate the areas that you feel need the most attention. Set a schedule for yourself of the best times to exercise and stick to it as much as possible. Above everything else put elements of fun into your workout so that it becomes something you anticipate rather than dread.

What are Some Good Dieting Tips?

When it comes to diets for bodybuilding many individuals believe that the best course of action is to deny themselves food altogether, this is actually a big mistake and can be dangerous. In order for your body to maintain its proper health you have to take in the necessary nutrition. Aside from the aspect of denying yourself the proper nutrition you need, this can also cause bouts of gluttony. You deny your cravings until they become over powering and you end up wrecking your diet goals. Make certain that you maintain a regular schedule of eating, but make certain that you also make health choices in your food options.

How to Avoid Crashing Your Diet

One of the best ways to avoid crashing your diet is to acknowledge your cravings. A good rule of thumb is to set aside a day that is your cheat day; what this means is that once a week you treat yourself to something that you have been craving. Another good way to avoid crashing is for you to give in to your cravings in a small way. Often when it comes to cravings once you get a small taste of what you are craving will more than help satisfy these cravings. Basically, if you’re craving a candy bar, eat a mini bite and satisfy the craving, this avoids your desire for an entire bar or a few of them later on.

Dispelling a Common Diet Myth

One of the most common diet myths is that cutting out fat is the best way to go when it comes to losing weight; the fact is that this is a definite falsehood. Put it into this perspective; if you have something you need but suddenly can’t obtain, your instinct is to hold onto what you have because you don’t know when you might get more; the same is true when it comes to fat. Your body requires a certain amount of fat and if you totally eliminate your fat intake then your body will hold onto what it has for fear of not acquiring any more.

The key is to limit the amount of fat you have in your diet, not eliminate it. When you continue to take in regular amounts of fat your body recognizes that it will receive a steady supply and will release the additional amount of fat that your body holds with the necessary actions. Just make certain that you learn what is good fat and what is not so that you take in the right amounts of what is needed.


Diet is not an easy process, but for those who really want to lose the weight and are willing to stick to their goal, the rewards are worth the effort. The important part is to make certain that you go about dieting in a safe and healthy manner. Always consult your physician and make certain that you thoroughly research your dieting options before beginning any regimen. And most importantly, adopt healthy nutrition habits and do not eliminate necessary fat from your diet.

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