Using Whey Protein and Not Working Out

So you’re using whey protein by means of the wishes of getting bigger. What is your thoughts of getting bigger? Is it simply putting on mass and not working out? Or is it putting on weight and looking cut? Despite what you’re thinking, those are both ways of getting bigger but not working out though using whey protein will receive a toll on your body. So ask yourself, what are the dangers, can this impact my health severely, is it better to take whey protein and workout or simply workout? Well here’s some good news, you’re about to find out.

Let’s begin with using whey protein and sitting there doing nothing. Well that gives your body two options, to either store the whey in your body as fat, or get rid of it. Chances are your body will store it as fat therefore making you get bigger and put on more weight, although you won’t be looking as cut as the next guy working out every other day or so. So what are the health risks of not working out? Well there aren’t really any related to the whey protein but more so to the fact that you’re going to get obese which usually increases the risk of heart disease or heart attacks as your veins may get clogged with cholesterol, slowing down the blood flow to and from your heart.

As far as impacting your health severely, that’s really up to you to decide. Although using whey protein is very beneficial for you’re health, you still need to lead an active lifestyle to reap full benefits from it. If, as previously mentioned, you do not work out or do any physical activity, you will get a lot of fat content added to your body along with higher risks of health issues that come along with being overweight. Even if you’re not considered overweight by society’s views, if you stand next to someone who is the exact same weight, drinks the same amount of whey protein shakes but works out every other day, your going to look overweight compared to him as he will look more cut and buff.

At this time you should be asking yourself, is it better to perhaps start working out then start taking whey protein? Well that actually is up to you. I say that once more because it actually is, no one can exercise for you, except for you! As far as if its healthier to workout then take whey protein, it really doesn’t matter, as long as your trying to better yourself any way probable, Even though using whey is really beneficial for muscle growth as it adds protein nutrients to renew the muscle tissue needed and adds muscle tissue, thus making you them bigger and stronger.

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