Full Week Hardcore Workout Plan

Firstly let me start off bytelling you this. If you want to workout, get big, stronger, or just morehealthy understand this: It is a long road to travel with many bumps and hills,but in the end if you’ll be glad you took it. I’ve decided instead of doing onearticle on Training then one on Nutrition and so on, I’d write one on all thetopics touching on everything.Goals  Step 1: The first and up most important step to become a successfulbodybuilder is setting goals.»

Bodybuilding and Hair Loss: Fact and Fiction

There have been many opinionated studies that show the link between excessive bodybuilding and hair loss. They claim working on your body reduces your hair volume. After a lot of research the facts and fiction have been discovered. Here are the truths and myths regarding bodybuilding and hair loss: Causes of Hair Loss in Bodybuilders: The primary cause of hair loss is high levels of DHT. DHT is the byproduct of testosterone.»

Jay Cutler: I’m not Retiring and 2012 Will Be Epic

Jay cutler in olympia 2011 Four hours ago via twitter Jay Cutler said: “For everyone who keeps asking if I’m retired I assure you I’m coming back with something bigger and better than ever! 2012 will be epic“ A picture of the tweet Few days ago Jay lost Sheru Classic for Phil ‘The gift’ Heath who won Mr. Olympia defeating last year winner Jay Cutler. He was the runner-up in 2010.The»

Choosing the right sports shoes

Bodybuilder requires choosing a good sports shoes can be a daunting task given the hi-tech shoes available in the market today. With all the shoes having unique characteristics it becomes all the more difficult. Here are some guidelines you can follow when buying sports shoes. Pronation Pronation is the rolling of the foot from heel to toe via the foot strike.. You need to know how your foot pronates to see which shoes will be right for workout .»

Phil Heath wins Sheru Classic 2011

Phil Heath wins Sheru Classic 2011 Mr. Olympia Phil Heath captured another title of the first Sheru Classic held in Mumbai India. Heath wins two titles back to back after winning the Mr. Olympia a week ago in Las Vegas. With one of the most incredible sets for a finals, and national news from India covering the event, the first IFBB pro contest in India was a success with a sold out audience in attendence.»

Sheru Classic 2011 Pre-judging Photos

Sheru Classic 2011 Pre-judging Photos IFBB Comes to Asia in StyleSeptember 25, 2011FLEXONLINE.COM The first-ever IFBB Professional League bodybuilding and figure competition took place in Asia today as the best bodybuilders and figure competitors in the world took the stage at the inaugural Sheru Classic in Mumbai, India From the looks of it, things will turn out in much the same fashion as they did at last week’s Olympia. In Men’s Bodybuilding, new Mr.»

Sheru Classic Expo Day One Photos

Sheru Classic Expo Day One Photos The Sheru sports festival will be the largest Bodybuilding show in India 24th and 25th of September 2011 Tickets 1. Rs.5000. Only sell 100 tickets This include ticket for main event 2. Rs.9000. Only sell 100 tickets main event, 2 days expo, Dinner with stars after event. 3. VIP package Rs.25000 only sell 100 tickets ( 2 days expo entry on 24-25, Press pass for 23, Sheru classic main event ticket in front with celebrities, pictures with stars, Autographs with stars, dinner with stars after event, after party with stars in night club, sheru classic t-shirt, Sheru classic Bandana, pass for photo shoot on 26th with stars) 4.»

Phil Heath and Jay Cutler on plane going to Mumbai, India for the Sheru Classic this weekend.

Phil Heath and Jay Cutler on plane going to Mumbai, India for the Sheru Classic this weekend.  Jay Cutler will get a rematch against the 2011 Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath in the 2011 Sheru Classic Championship this weekend just one week after the Mr. Olympia. Check the 2011 Sheru Classic contestants. Jay Cutler finished second place to Phil Heath in the recent concluded 2011 Mr. Olympia last Sunday. Cutler won Mr.»

Building your Body and Savings

Times are tough but so are finding inexpensive ways to getinto shape. With so many options for increasing muscle mass, finding a way tobuild your savings account should have as many options. Gym fees have almostdoubled in the past couple of years. So is it worth it to pay for membership oris creating a home gym the right path towards fitness? There are pros and cons to both joining a gym and workingout at home.»

How Your Body Recovers From A Workout, And What To Eat About It

Bodybuilding for Your body goes into a peculiar state immediately after a workout. Your muscles are fatigued, your carbohydrate levels are low, and your tissue goes into an intense catabolic state that can last for hours and days. For bodybuilding workouts, the food youngest immediately following a workout has a large impact on how your muscles repair themselves in the days and weeks following your lift. Taking advantage of this nutritional window can increase your gains and speed up recovery time.»
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